Dinged 50 on my Ministrel and Time Stops

Gates of Moria

Gates of Moria

Limited game time + goal oriented LOTRO play = all lotro and not much else.  The past week or two has seen me almost exclusively play lotro and level my dwarf Ministrel so I hit 50 and slotted my XP disabler.  Unfortunately the rest of my Kin has put this Shadows of Angmar experiment on hiatus as they are working on their lvl 85 mains or other games.

Barad Gúlaran in the distance

Barad Gúlaran in the distance

I could have done the same too but I felt in a groove with the ministrel and it was just simple to pop in and get started.  So, that meant I’ve been pretty much alone in my travel’s to 50 since we did some Garth Agarwen kin runs around level 30ish.  What now?  I’ve been working on getting kindred reputation with the Elves of Rivendell and the Council of the North…which means grinding mobs for reputation drops.  Both factions have reputation gated gear that works for level 50 so it does pay off.  I still have 1 page left to drop for 1 of my class legendary traits and lots of Vol 1 of the epic quest line. The Legendary pages are one of those necessary grinds that usually occurs without you knowing it…the pages drop off humanoid mobs so you’re at the mercy of the RNG.  SoA’s epic book quests, known as Vol 1, are notorious time chunks and takes you all over map but it’s arguable the best LOTRO story line Turbine has put together.  When it first came out, lots of these quests required a full group to complete and once the endgame moved past Angmar, it was very hard to find groups willing to tackle this content.  Turbine did good a few years ago and made the content solo accessible, you can still group but now you have the solo option.  Right now in my story, I just helped Lorniel free her father, Golodir, from imprisonment.  Unfortunately, she is slain by Mordith (witch king of angmar).  There’s quite a plot story around Mordith and another female ally/rival that I won’t give away but they are both interesting adversaries.  So, I still have lots to do with this Ministrel at level 50!

The Gates of Carn Dûm

The Gates of Carn Dûm

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