Games and Characters

LOTRO (Lord of the Rings Online): Of all the MMO’s I’ve played before, I have the longest history with this game and the biggest love/hate relationship.  This was basically my introduction the MMO’s.  I originally rolled on the Brandywine server back in mid 2009 and it took me about 4 months to reach cap.  I didn’t know any of the shortcuts lol.  Seige of Mirkwood was my first expansion and finally hit end game towards the end of 2009 with my Warden.  I then rolled and capped a Burglar and Rune Keeper and discovered that I loved the pvp scene.  Brandywine will always have a nostalgic place for me, especially the PVP raids on freepside and our legendary creep adversaries.  Thinking I could improve upon my Brandywine experience, I rolled on the Riddermark server when f2p launched.   Just before f2p launch, on the forums, players designated Riddermark as “the PVP server” of all servers.  I, and perhaps others, thought that this would mean a better pvp experience   The reality was that it played out like every other LOTRO server.

Riddermark Server:

  1. Beausoleil: 85 male Human Champ  
  2. Couillon: 90 male Elf Warden 
  3. Couchemal: 85 Dwarf Runekeeper
  4. Bambocheur: 95 male Human LoreMaster
  5. Framfinn: 50 Dwarf Ministrel (xp disabler)
  6. Podnah: 50ish male Human Hunter
  7. Lostbayourambler: 50ish female Human Captain
  8. Mistakenot: 50ish female Human Guardian                                                                                                                
  9. Alanparsonsproject: R8 Orc Reaver
  10. Malfecteur: R7 Uruk Black Arrow 
  11. Bayou: R6 Warg
  12. Jaxteller: R5 Orc Defiler

Brandywine server:

  1. Couillon: 80 Warden
  2. Bandit: 65 Burglar

Guild Wars 2 (GW2): Dived in head first at launch in summer 2012. I have a level 80 Warrior and Mesmer. My warrior is specced for CC and healing with hammer/mace and my mesmer is staff/sword/pistol for DD build/shatter. Top activities are exploration and WvW with some dungeons occasionally.

  1. Couillon: 80 Warrior
  2. Chere Mignonne: 80 Mesmer
  3. Value Judgement: 45 Guardian

SWTOR (Star Wars: The Old Republic): Played a ton from the launch of the game in December 2011, to about the following April/May. Everyone that I knew and played with at the time basically left the game by March 2012.  I had plans to flesh out my Imperial Agent storyline but I put the game on hiatus until the expansion hits. One level 50 Jedi Knight, 2 level 50 Scoundrel Smugglers(due to server debacle) and numerous alts.

  1. Jolieblon: 54 Jedi Knight
  2. Beausoleil: 55 Smuggler
  3. Couillon: 50 Smuggler

RIFT: Played 2 months at launch then took a couple of extended breaks. Recently returned for the Storm Legion expansion. Level 60 Guardian Cleric.

  1. Bambocheur: 60 Cleric

WOW (World of Warcraft): A recent endeavor thanks to a raptr discount and Blizzard promotion so I could satisfy some curiosity about the game. I started leveling a Night Elf Druid but ran out of gas after 25 odd levels.  A few months later I came back and started a Human Warrior and I’m rolling with that.

  1. Podnah: 82 Warrior
  2. Couillon: 25 Druid

Age of Conan:

1. Podnah:lvl 25ish male Cimmarian Conqueror

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