King of da Etennmoors and metrics

King of da Moors!

King of da Moors!

I recently hit a milestone in my LOTRO PvMP fun…1200kbs.  Now what does that mean? Exactly 1200 times, I executed x skill that resulted in the last bit of damage that caused a freep to die. Significance of this? None at all, it’s only a number.  A player could have done 90% of the damage on an enemy but someone else could come in and use one skill and get the kb.  Does this stop players from attaching some meaning to this? Of course not, this is pvp!

Another metric Turbine displayes is the kills/death ratio.  It’s a simple ratio of how many times your actions lead to an enemies death compared to how many times you have died in battle.  Again, it’s not a performance metric as much as it’s an indicator of playstyle…. meaning someone with a k/d ratio closer to 1 is a solo’er while someone with a much larger number is a raider.  On my Reaver, it stands at 3.7 k/d…meaning I fall in battle once for every 3.7 enemies that die.  What does this tell me? I like to roam the hills solo looking for targets…and yes, I get nuked 75% of the time but that’s the creep life.  As a rule of thumb, between creeps and freeps, freep k/d ratios are higher.  Creeps are more likely to be found solo by groups (creeps have to do a lot of pve to earn maps) and creeps are several factors weaker than their freep counterparts.  Overall, I think this metric is bad for the game because too many players attach significance to it and play accordingly, meaning they don’t take risks in a consequence free environment.

On the one hand, completely ignoring these metrics can be beneficial while there’s nothing wrong with using them as motivators or achievement milestones.  As always, never beat your opponent so much that they don’t return to the battlefield, there’s nothing worse than having nothing to fight over in the online arena.


3 months into the year…

and my gaming trends have taken a turn.  I started off the new year playing a lot of LOTRO PvMP even though the server I was on had a noted downturn in activity.  I began the process of transfering most of my characters to new servers and that brought up some Turbine criticisms which I posted about here.  While the PvMP has been of better quality and quantity on Landroval and Brandywine and I was planning on posting something on Reaver builds,  the prevalent problems with the game itself, both pve and pvp, has been sucking the joy out of the game for me.  This isn’t anything new, the game has been losing players now for some time.  The last expansion just flopped imo and more people are leaving for greener pastures. I’m at the point where I need to stop playing for a while so that when I do come back, I have a fresher feeling about the game.

Just then, Diablo was patched and Blizzard made the game fun again!  In just a short time I had reached lvl 60 on my Barbarian and now stand at paragon level 34.  Did I say it’s fun! I’m seeing less junk and a lot more useful drops and I’ve gotten several pieces of legendary gear.  My Barb has gotten much stronger in only a short amount of time. Now, it’s still a simple hack and slash dungeon game so my advice is short play sessions with friends so the fun doesn’t get stale.  Speaking of Blizzard, I’m still playing WOW.  My Warrior has gotten up to ~lvl 87 and is questing his way through Panda land.

ESO: Now that the NDA has been lifted we are getting tons of information about this game  and while managing my expectations, I’m still excited about what I see.  I am on the PTS but I haven’t done extensive play throughs.  I’m playing a few hours a week on different characters in the level 1-10 range, getting a feel of how the game works: crafting, pve, leveling, etc. There’s already been some changes made by Zenimax that proves this is a beta for them and just not a trial.

Lotro opens automated transfers for more of your money

lotro charac transfersAutomated character transfers are now available per Turbine’s annoucement.

The big take away here is that Turbine points can no longer be used to pay for this service…meaning VIPs have been further devalued and have one less big ticket item to spend their 500TP monthly stipend.  I foresee Turbine taking more steps to prevent TP “hoarding”.

The new Character Transfer System uses tokens, purchased with real money here. So, let me think here…an automated process cost just as much, maybe slightly more, than the previous manual process?  I don’t mind paying a premium when an actual employee must perform actions on my behalf but to charge so much for an automated process seems like a cash grab. Mind you that these tokens cannot be traded so purchase them for the account holding the characters you intend on transfering.

1 token= $24.95

3 token bundle= $69.95

6 token bundle= $134.95

I’m especially not happy about the manner of this change.  I had multiple characters waiting on Turbine Point paid transfers that never went through because of this new service.  I only found out about this because I received an email from Turbine saying I had 2 options: wait another 2 weeks for a TP paid transfer or pay real currency and get instant gratification.  I went ahead and paid for my transfers and will now bank my remaining TP pool to pay for any further xpacs, if we see any.  That said, the whole business feels quite bitter and not soon forgotten by this consumer.

Bioshock wow, Rift shinies, LOTRO transfers

It’s been some time since my last post and I’ve been busy in and out of gaming.  What have I been up to?

First, I installed Bioshock Infinite (Christmas sale purchase) and was blown away.  I played straight through and finished the game in about a week.  Gameplay and story kept me going.  I’m not a huge fan of fps but I enjoyed the combat options which let me explore different styles with the vigor system.  I absolutely loved the ephemera in the game and and world building. Lots of wow moments.  Towards the end, I sorta started putting things together but the big reveal did indeed surprise me.  Wow  was the term I kept saying to myself.  Probably one of my best purchases of the year!

After I finished Bioshock, I was hungry again for some MMOs.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised but I found my mmo time equally split between Rift and LOTRO.

It’s was strickly PVE activities in Rift.  I made an effort to complete some artifact sets in Gloamwood that contribute towards zone achievements with hit and miss success.  The problem I have with artifacts is two fold; On one hand, I enjoy finding shiny’s when I’m just out and about in the world, but on the other hand, when I need a specific shiny that may spawn in x number of places, it requires x to the nth degree of patience that I rarely have in my well. Auction house is a route that I’ve used just to get that one artifact to fill in the collection but again, I can get priced out of the market b/c I have this line in the sand that I won’t cross for a shiny that adds nothing but an achievement point. My other feats in Rift is discovering that I have exactly zero Character achievements for the Saga quests.  This category is the essentially the EPIC story in Rift and I totally bypassed almost all of them.  I looked in the quest log and couldn’t find anything that would direct me to a starting point. I thought about looking through my completed quests but there’s no such function in Rift so that was a dead end. I turned to the internets and found a page full of hyperlinked quests and npc information but again, I had no way of knowing how much I had progressed down the chain. I  finally put in a ticket to the GM and received a response the next day that guided me to where I needed to go and what I needed to do! Yeah!  So, for the time being, I’ll be working on getting these Sage story’s done .

In LOTRO, I played my Reaver and War Leader and dabbled in PvP. The action of late has been increasingly spotty not very thrilling.  I did some reflection on my time on this server, Riddermark.  All of my most active creep tribes have ceased to exist.  I’ve gone through 3 tribes (their all inactive), and that brings me to my current tribe, which is now active on a different server, Landroval.  That makes just about everyone I knew when I rolled this reaver in 2011, gone .  Despite all that, it still took me a week or two to mull this over but I made a decision and it’s done, I’m transfering to Landroval.  On Riddermark, I still have a half a raid worth of alts and mains between lvls 60 and 95 that I would play if given some content to work with ….and a R6 know-nothing  warg zerglet.  So, inevitably, I’ll revisit the server after my transfer to smell the roses again.


I rebooted up my ongoing LOTRO machina project.  The link is to a video that includes parts 1 and 2.  It’s to be continued with at least 2-4 more installments.  Still quite amateurish and an exercise in patience but one of my brighter moments in LOTRO at the moment. Please leave comments here or on the youtube site and tell me what you like or hate about it.

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