Grognards (wargame related)

Grognard is French slang for an old grumpy soldier, and I’m using it to hold my wargaming/conflict sims content.  Many years ago I was deep into conflict sims as boardgames… both operational and tactical.  It all started with PanzerLeader by Avalon Hill……all the way to TheGamers who published tons of boardgames starting in the late 80s.  TheGamers are still developing/publishing games today under Multimanpublishings.

Grognard is also my tip of the hat to  Back in the mid 90s I discovered this site and it was the mecca for anyone into this genre.  Another site I recommend is ConsimWorld.

Anyway, back to this page.  I want to capture the title’s I play when my time and interest intersect and all the magic happens that I find myself enjoying a wargame.

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