Dog Days of summer

Not much to update I’m afraid.  I’ve given Neverwinter Nights 2 a break and I’m a bit embarrassed to say I’m not terribly inspired by my current crop of MMOs. To put it midly, I’ve cast out my net in quite a few games directions in the last month but drawn back my net before I let it sink too deep. I’ve stuck with Tera and EQ2 the most, reaching lvl 25 in each and I’m ok as long as I don’t think about reaching cap which seems way to far off when I do think about it.  Why is it important to reach cap? I don’t know, its just one of those irrational drivers in my mmo dna.  After being exposed to 30 days or so of Wildstar media coverage, I’m feeling the itch to DL the game. So what’s holding me back? Just not having the time.  I recently started a 30 course on Ruby and I intend to see that finished, games and blog be damned.  See ya in August.

Neverwinter Nights 2: Act 1, part 6 of 6

In this episode, we are going to Shandra’s farm.  Shandra is the last living relative of Jerro and after clearing out some enemies chasing her around her farm, she agrees to come back with us to Neverwinter. NWN2_SS_061814_202646   Once in Neverwinter, we settle in the Sunken Flagon for the night but the Githyanki haven’t given up.  They attack the inn and take Shandra. NWN2_SS_061814_203025

Nothing you can do here to prevent Shandra from being taken.  On the brightside, I picked up yet another fellowship member.  Meet Bishop, evil human ranger that agreed to come with us to pay off a debt owed to Duncan.  Now normally, I would only be allowed to take 3 or 4 NPCs with me.  I hate leaving anyone home so I made a minor “cheat” so that I can take up to 7 NPCs with me.   So, our mission is to save Shandra, again, and our first stop is the village of Ember.

On the way, more foes to blast away and an ambush to fight through in Ember.  We learn that Shandra has been taken to the mountains and that means another dungeon.


Githyanki dungeon boss….tank’n’spank.


What’s interesting about this dungeon crawl is that we encounter several succubus fighting the githyanki. Eventually we front a scene with 3 succubus surrouding a “devil”. We take out the 3 succubus and make a deal with the devil..a deal that gets us past that magical barrier you see.


At the end of this, we encounter this Zeeaire, who’s behind a magical ward.  We take out her lackeys then destroy the ward and Zeeaire goes down.



Before its over we learn that the Githyanki were not the true threat.  Zeeaire tells us the “King of Shadows” has returned and that like all good dark lords, he will destory or enslave all life.  By the way, we rescue Shandra and she joins us as another fighter.  I also learn from Duncan the true story of my character’s parents and that I have a shard embedded in me.  But that’s not all…there’s a Luskan plot about to drop on me.  The Wizard Sand is joining us because he enjoyings spoiling anything Luskan.  And that is the end of Chapter 1, YEAH!

Neverwinter Nights 2: Act 1, part 5 of 6

Where was I?  Oh yes, finally given access to the Blacklake district and not a moment too soon. I’m near the point of not caring anymore but nevermind I’m oh so close to finishing Chapter 1, I can see the light at the end.  Once there, we spoke with Aldernon the Sage who ran some test and confirmed our suspicions.




Aldernon also tells us we need knowledge that Ammon Jerro has…the complication is Jerro is dead but that’s not quite the “dead end” it seems.  We are to enter the Neverwinter Archives and find the location of Jerro’s Haven, no library card required.


The Archives has several Riddles in them and we were not the only ones trying to find the location of Jerro’s Haven.NWN2_SS_061814_201216

We also find out there’s a living relative of Jerro and yes, it’s a she and she needs rescuing.



We take care of business and….


and so we are off…



Neverwinter Nights 2: Act 1, part 4 of 6

I’m finally in the good graces of Neverwinter’s City Watch but I still feel like they are squeezing every bit of cooperation out of me. Blacklake district is still closed to me. Because I’ve been such a good soldier, I’m being sent to Old Owl Well. It seems that Waterdeeps emissary has gotten himself lost and I’m the one to find him


But this wouldn’t be Part 4 without another addition to this supergroup.  On the way to Old Owl well, we meet up with Grobnar Gnomehands, a Rock Gnome, Chaotic Good Bard.

NWN2_SS_061014_192915 NWN2_SS_061014_193015At Old Owl well I’m briefed by Commander Callum and he tells me that he suspects a band of orcs called the Bonegnashers. It gets better, there’s another Orc clan out there called the Eyegouger tribe and they are the real leadership behind the Orcs.  Finally some good news…Callum also tells me that there’s a mystery orcslayer out there.  I wonder if I’ll run across him.  Next stop: Bonegnasher lair.


Always obstacles!


These Orcs bare an amazing resemblance to the apes in the “Planet of the Apes”(1968).


I do miss seeing these die rolls in modern MMO’s, it’s quite satisfying seeing those numbers.


This guy turns out NOT to be the emissary.  Oh fortuna, you are cruel.


Orc clearing is cutting into my nap time.


Always bring the big guns to a sword fight.  That’s some particle effects.NWN2_SS_061214_210705

And after a few skirmishes, we make it to the Waterdeep Emissary.NWN2_SS_061214_215144

Next post find out if I finally make it to the Blacklake district…to be continued.



Neverwinter Nights 2: Act 1, part 3 of 6

always proving myself

always proving myself

So, taking up where I left off with my last post, I had to join the City Guard inorder to gain favor with my new employer and gain entry into the blacklake district which is where I need to speak to someone about these “shards”.  But that’s not all,  before I can head off to my next destination, there’s lots of bandits to take care of and some companion quests.  I’m your gal.  Really, I sorta zoned out here and powered through these quests as quickly as possible to get further along on the main story line.

Leaving the City Watch office, our party is immediately swelled by 1.  Meet Qara, Human, Chaotic Neutral Sorcerer and quite the pyromaniac.



One odd note I’d like to mention is that during our adventures, this portrait of “guy with pornstache” and intense gaze keep showing up in almost every house we entered. Truely, he must have been legendary in Neverwinter, yet I’m getting no quests about him.  Neverwinter devs obviously missed an opportunity.

The Neverwinter Nights Pornstache

The Neverwinter Nights Pornstache

So we are off to clean up the docks with unflinching dedication.NWN2_SS_060814_074142

Failure really wasn’t an option and we cleared up the docks made a name for ourselves.

NWN2_SS_060814_074656 NWN2_SS_060814_115838

I’ll end todays post with non other than Neverwinter’s own kobold merchant, a must stop on your way to equiping yourself with the latest and greatest!