Where’s my cheese!

It was a big week in gaming for me..big as in I found lots of time to game between GW2, WOW, and Rift…but not all was rosy.  So lets get right to it.

Divinity's Reach from Queensdale

Divinity’s Reach from Queensdale

I spent the most time in GW2.  For those that say it’s a boring game, never anything to do, well, I certainly didn’t find that the case this past week.  The Dragon Bash kept me going and going and going.  However, not all ended well.  I was prompted to return to Lion’s Arch to participate in the Dragon effigy burning ceremony instance.  I went ahead and started it and through some mishap of my own, I ended up inadvertently leaving the instance before it was complete and that’s where my troubles began.  See, that bugged the rest of my dragon bash story line and basically froze my advancement at that point.  I bugged it and my ticket is closed…but in my view, not resolved.  I can get some solace in that I’m not alone in my angst as noted in the official forums here.  While my story progress was halted, I still managed to get the meta festival achievement and those “shatter” holographic wings.  I also managed to get some guild event time with my guild as we explored one of the lower level Asura zones.


In WOW, I hit lvl 71 and I’m still in the Outlands.  My goal is to make it back to Azeroth but I’m almost rethinking this.  Maybe a case of burn out, I don’t know, but I keep asking myself what am I doing here and why and is this fun.  I feel very disconnected to any story going on right now and that’s a major problem.  I’ll give it some more time and figure out a way out of the Outlands.

In Rift, I spent some time shopping and getting to know the game again.  I did have some expert level dungeon gear and I bought some more from the store.  I had sooooo much rex to spend there it was awesome.  My 60 Cleric is nicely decked out and dungeon ready, if and when I take that route.  My gameplay has been about getting comfortable so I stuck with story quests and 2 souls, a shaman soul and a druid soul.  Both are excellent solo DPS classes that are hard to fail on which I need right now.  I’ve enjoyed the story so far, nice bits of whimsy and all, I mean it is a high fantasy story so why not have some talking rabbits.  My plan is to finish the story quest in the new area, then start working on achievements, etc and maybe doing some dungeon runs, probably as a healer.  Right now, I can see me spending a lot of time here.  I’ll leave you with some Rift screenies

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Dragon Bashing part deux

110 Dragon Bash Achievements pts so far.  I have definitely spent more time in GW2 the past week than I can remember.  I smashed plenty of dragon pinatas, won 20+ dragon ball games, and opened hundreds of dragon coffers… got lucky RNG drop of a holographic knight mini x2 from all those dragon coffers, otherwise nothing rare or wanted of note dropped.  No holographic dragon wings, RNG be damned.

So, I did what any self respecting gamer would do and I bought those holographic dragon wings I was salivating over for about 20 gold on the TP…and yeah, it felt totally worth it when running around on my Norn Mesmer with those wings flapping in the air.  Totally makes her look like a badass giant fairy.  gw118

Thoughts on the festival so far:  I’m enjoying it, it has been fun for what its worth.  The events are fun.  I didn’t have to compete with other players for penatas or the holographic nodes out in the world, that’s a plus but I think maybe too much of the festival was centered in Lions Arch.  Not having a jumping puzzle that blows you away like the previous festivals hurt this one.   I don’t like the RNGs…little to no guaranteed loot meant pure luck involved gaining anything of value….it doesn’t feel like I have to work for something when I’m at the mercy of the RNG.  For most of the achievements, you didn’t receive anything from them except achievement points.  It would have been nice to see more rewards for the time invested on completing those achievements.  Now, the reward for the Meta Achievement is spot on but otherwise, everything seems rather weak.  Oh, and 50 silver per MOA races seems like just a method to circulate money out of the game, I mean who do they think they are kidding.  I bartered all my tickets to recoup my losses, spending 25-40 gold for a mini pet was just too excessive.

addendum: so as of today, we now have dragon effigies located throughout the 1-30 lvl world.  I’ve also noticed a marked increase in the number of holographic nodes…the nodes that you activate and kill the holographic mobs that spawn for dragon coffers and Zhaitan candy.  Anyway, this is good news for people that want to farm these things and probably bad news for anyone hoping to make some big bucks off rare drops as they won’t be so rare anymore.

Dragon bashing

A few days of flying across Outland in WOW found me at lvl 68 and it was time to put WOW in the corner. With about 2 zones left to go, GW2 went and dropped their Dragon Bash festival.  Guides can be located here and here.

It’s been nutting but festival achievement hunting for me.  The proverbial carrot on a stick are these Holographic Dragon wings.  I must, must, have these for Chere Mignonne, my female Norn Mesmer.  Obtaining these of course is where the fun begins.  According to my sources, I need 100k Zhaitaffy candy, yeah right….barring that, they are a rare drop off Dragon Coffers.  So, not looking good for those wings.  Bless Arena net for they must know my pain, they have a slightly different version of these called Holographic Shattered Dragon Wings that can be obtained from completing the festival meta event achievement, of which i’m 7 of 10 done.

Goodies so far?  I got a mail that had these: 3 Horns of the Dragon dragon helmets.  Now these appear to be cosmetic (no stats) but you can transmutation them so that they have real armor stats and wear into battle.  Charge suckas!



How I’m using the LOTRO XP disabler-update

So a few days ago I posted about using the XP disabler and now that I’ve had a week of using it here are some thoughts.

First of all, there are lots of good games out there + few hours of discretionary gaming time = some tough choices.  However, it hasn’t been that difficult of late and I’ve spent plenty of time looking at the LOTRO log in screen thinking about what Rohan daily I needed to do for my next Champ piece.  That being said,  all is not well.  A week or so ago, I was getting that “feeling” again and the game was starting to wear on me.  Well, just about when I thinking of taking a hiatus, a kinnie mentioned a new kinship they were forming that would be dedicated to Shadows of Angmar content, otherwise known as the original LOTRO release content.  So, a group of us rolled new alts with the idea of stopping at 50 thanks to the XP disabler.   No help from alts, no crafting, no crafted gear, no Legendary weapons, no skirmishes, no AH/skirmish gear,…its pretty simple, quest and instances between time on our lvl 85s.  So far we are pausing here and there for a critical mass of players to run instances and gear up via quest/classic instances/raids.  When I find myself too far ahead on the leveling speed, I pop in the disabler and the problem solves itself.

It’s an easy way to juggle an alt, no LI grind, and more importantly it makes the Shadows of Angmar content RELEVANT again for these characters and not a mere layover on the way to 85.  When you think about it, it breaks LOTRO down to 2 games…a lvl 50 game and a lvl 85 game.

The results so far:  FUN!  Our fastest levelers are holding steady at lvl 30 till we get some more peeps for GA runs.  Running around with lvl 5 gear when you are lvl 20 does not keep you from having fun.  Straight questing in crappy gear (solo and fellowship) didn’t pose any bumps/barriers to fun but it did make it interesting.  I never had to stop for crafting or spend time sorting out my bags..all which made the transition from quest to quest seemless.  I had no qualms about vendoring tons of scholar crafting mats.  The only noticeable issue was that we all started to have power issues in prolonged fights.  I was eating through those lvl 10 power pots..but that only lasted a few levels and things have gotten much better since the Minstrel Fate/Will buff.

3-man Goblin throne(lvl 20): very challenging fight (Guard, Hunter, Minstrel , we wiped a number of times and only succeeded by the smallest of margins.
6-man or was it a 5-man Great
Barrow: no sweat…..We did all 3 of the GB 6-man instances back to back at level 22 and had maybe 1-2 deaths.  It was (Champ, Guard, Hunter, Minstrel  Captain) somewhat anti-climatic ending as it was an easy ride and the absence of any loot drops from the chest.  But hey,  I’m now rolling in uber GB gear and ready to hit GA.
Two thumbs up
 for XP disabler!