Gaming Goals for 2013, or whats on the plate


Maybe putting goals like this up in a post will keep it on my dashboard and focused…or maybe not. So here it goes, not much in the way of goals but just some thoughts on the games i’m currently logging into at least 1xweek:
1- LOTRO: Currently most played of my titles. Finish with Rohan, reach lvl 85 on Champion, take a look at the instances and take a break when i feel the gear grind approach.
2- RIFT: I’m at a happy place with this game so the only thing I have is to stay current, get some dailies done couple times/week and get some more dungeon runs under my belt.
3- SWTOR: Keep leveling Operative. I want to let my sub lapse and continue leveling my Operative using the aweful f2p system Bioware has designed.
4- GW2: revisit my Mesmer or perhaps start a new Elementalist but really waiting to see what new content comes out in the first 3 months of this year.
5- WOW: I feel this is falling off my radar and I’m not too sad about it. This is a lot of games to shuffle around and this one may be out. Currently working on a Druid, up to level 24.
6- STO: no hurry here, continue 1/week sessions. Try to remember UI layout.