When RL interrupts…

this happens.  Say hello to Mignon, our 4 month old cairn terrier.  She’s everything you want in a puppy and the wife and I are really happy we got her.  mignon  And this means my gaming time has taken a well deserved hit.  In GW2, I ran with the Guardian and hit lvl 41 last night.  I’m not doing much beyond getting my daily done and I’m starting to feel the need to diversify.  In LOTRO, I’ve been concentrating on my SoA Ministrel.  I’m lvl 45 and I’m slowly working my way around Angmar.  This is my Shadows of Angmar experiment.  I’m keeping this guy at lvl 50 and playing vanilla, SoA content.  I also have my Skyrim standby that I jump into.  My paladin archetype character is about lvl 21 and just kicked some Thalmor butt.  Not a whole lot else is going on, Mignon is a handfull and we are enjoying every moment with her.

GW: feast and flameout

gw037And in this week in gaming, I saw a lot of action in GW2 and Skyrim.  In GW2, I play on a tier 1 server and it looks near impossible for me to get the map points and vistas I need for  the effort I’m willing to expend.  So I took a break from my map completion craze and started on a Thief.  They seem like a lotta fun in WvW, being all sneaky and stabby, but leveling one for me has been a chore.  I’m just not feeling it very well, I’m squishy and my resource bar disappears on me in no time.  Maybe I just don’t understand the resource bar mechanics but I only seem to spend points and never use any skills that replenish my bar.   So, for my mental health, I set aside that Thief after reaching lvl 20 and I rolled a Guardian and boy, was that a breath of fresh air.  Funny thing is I had lvl’d a Guardian during the Beta weekends to about lvl 25…. but decided to start off with a Warrior when the game launched.  Shame on me! Well, I’ve had tons of fun with the Guardian so far and I’m all the way up to lvl 17 and wondering if I’ll ever pick up the Thief again!.  Otherwise, I hopped on my Mesmer or Warrior to complete parts of the daily.  I’ve also been somewhat obsessed with Group meta events and I’m not alone in that regard.  There’s websites that track the spawn timers of course and it helps to keep an eye on these.  These group meta events drop good loot and may be part of the daily/monthly achievements and thus very popular to camp.  People even seem to be “guesting” on servers simply for a quicker meta event than on their home server.  The Maw group event (Wayfarer hills) goes down in <10 seconds on the weekend or primetime block…if you dodge the wrong way, you may miss out on getting a hit on the boss.   I saw the same thing in Rift with the SL world bosses.  More and more people port in as the event starts or very soon after and it doesn’t scale up (feels like it) and so Boss goes down super fast.

In Skyrim, I decided to start my female Empire Paladin character.  I was not disappointed!  She joined the Companions and cured her “disease”.  I did try a few encounters on Master difficulty and quickly moved that down after half a dozen quick deaths in a row.  I’ve found a happy medium between Skyrim and GW2, both are excellent at what they do and best of all I’m having a blast with them.

Mistake not…my obsession with map completion

HSI’ve been immersed in the “Hydrogen Sonata” by Iain M. Banks if you couldn’t tell from the first 2 words in my blog post title.  Anyway, this is my first “culture” book and it’s been a delightful detour after a little bumpy start.  I’m putting off listening (audio book)  to anything else until I finish this up, my podcast que will be rather large.

In GW2, my mesmer “chere mignonne” is sitting at 98% map completion. I think all that’s left is some WvW areas.  At the moment, Jade Quarry is the unstoppable train in my path.  It doesn’t look like I’ll get 100% until: we move down in rankings and dominate a match OR I transfer to JQ for the week.  I don’t know if I’m that motivated to do the latter and waiting it out might be my strategy.  imagesIn the mean time, I rolled a human Thief to lvl 15.  Not really getting the Thief so far but not willing to give up on him yet.  I may level a Guardian to 15 too….may be my next project, get all classes to at least lvl 15.

I survived the great LOTRO maintenance downtime of 2013 and found I wasn’t missingimages (1) LOTRO much.  So it goes, suddenly you find yourself with no access to something for a few days and all of a sudden, you stop missing that “material” thing.  Turbine, just ride the wave, i’ll come back to ya soon.

I let my SWTOR sub expire, as I had before.  There’s a lot of changes coming down with the new expansion that add skills and change the way classes are played.  I’m not disputing this may be good or bad, just that I can’t be bothered with it at the moment.  It’s like my inner self just lit up the Bat Signal to say “stop playing this game!”

So that leaves me with Skyrim.  I’ve been itching to build a classic Paladin and/or Druid.  I need to do some research on builds and stop procrastinating.  Perhaps this plan would work if GW2 didn’t exist;(

One map at a time…

gw030Last week, I managed to log in GW2 4x more than any other title I have! lol, what the hell was I doing so dang much?  Playing with guildies is always fun and we had some good times in WvW, especially for a small 5 man group. Be that as it may, I need more than playing with Guildies to get me logged on and Arenanet knows that.

GW2 dangles a piece of thread in front of me called map completion.  I don’t know exactly why but it’s a goal I have for my Mesmer but its working to keep me connected to the game.  When I started at launch, I laughed at map completion, thinking it could never seduce me, but I was so wrong.  So, my progress to date stands at 90%.  A close second thread dangling in front of me has been the daily achievements and laurels.  I’m sitting on 30 Laurels at the moment having just finished my monthly.  Now the question is what to spend those hard won laurels on for my Mesmer.  Those Laurels don’t come very fast so I’ll take some time making a decision.   I messed around a bit on my warrior but just enough to realize I need a completely new gear set if I want to do any damage in pve land.  He’s decked out in support/healing build and his damage is pathetic.  I also took some time to roll a human Thief and managed to bring him up to lvl 11.  I probably won’t get him much higher as it will take too much focus off my Mesmer.

I only got a few hours in LOTRO.  Turbine had one helluva week with some unexpected downtime over Valentines Day.  At least they are rewarding subscribers with some TPs for the inconvenience.

I did get a few hours in Skyrim and jumped into the new DLC Dragonborn.   The game continues to amaze me, the only thing keeping me from playing more is the fun I’m having in GW2.

Weekend update


Another week and a different gaming experience.  With the announcement of the ESO beta signups, I’ve heard the call of Skyrim.  I logged quite a few hours over the week and I’ve been quite happy just wandering the landscape.  I’ve had some real ass pucker moments in some dungeons that I can laugh about now.  The audio/video is great and you are definitely immersed in that world.  I have a lvl 20 Norn warrior that I’ve played with on/off since Skyrim launched but I wanted a new experience, so I rolled a Woodland Elf thief.  He’s sneaky and is great with a bow.  I’ve been running him around Whiterun with Lydia and we are working our way to the greybeards.  I keep saying that I’ll just log into my Norn and start reading all those books in my house but the world is too dang pretty to sit in a house reading.

lotro miniIn LOTRO, my Shadows of Angmar kinship is currently capped at lvl 32 and we completed a Garth Agarwen: Fortress (6 man run) run in challenge mode.  It was a fun run and I was healing on my dwarf Minstrel.  I was also part of a Garth Agarwen: Arboretum (3man) run that was quite easy and fun.  That same group 3 man group attempted a Garth Agarwen: Barrows run but we gave up after half-dozen fails at boss.  He puts a massive in combat power/vitality debuff on everyone and we all ran out of power time and time again and we simply couldn’t make up for that.   Other than that, my LOTRO is in cruise control at the moment.  I log in mainly to check who’s on from my kinship and run any low stuff on that Minstrel.  I’m in no hurry to do stuff at endgame but it’s there if I wanna be on my Champion and Hytbold still needs some rebuilding.

gw016In Guild Wars 2, the Flame and Frost update brought me back but I failed at Fractals again. Totally my fault but I was on a run and we finished 1 fractal so I logged off…well, you must finished 3 fractals for your character’s progress to be updated so all that was for naught.  I think I’ll just declare victory for now and beg my guild to run me thru at least once.  Anyway, I discovered the new daily achievement laurel system and that it’s possible to receive some ascended gear via daily achievements and bartering laurels.  Well, that made my day even if it’s an uphill climb to get all the laurels I need.  Be that as it may, I’ve been doing my daily achievements everyday and it’s getting me to log in, yeah!   And I’m having fun in the game, I think my original burnout factor is gone.  Last night, I joined my guild in WvW and that was lots of fun too. My mesmer reflexes are pretty bad right now for pvp but I’m getting better with every hour I’m in the game.

Screenshot_2013-01-19_17_08_58_085647In SWTOR, I’m still logging in for my pvp daily about 3-4x week.  I may retrait my smuggler scoundrel from stealth dps to the DOT  line to change things up.  My jedi knight is a pulls no punches FOTM AOE sweeper.  My feeling is thinking about these characters I have is fun but once I get into a few back to back warzones and see the over the top CC and Time to Kill (TTK), well, it loses it’s staying power. This game is holding out a thin piece of thread to me but I don’t know how long I can hold on.