Comfortably numb in Rohan

LOTRO continues to be my main MMO these days while my game time has been slightly less the past few weeks.  I’ve spent some time in GW2 working on my Guardian, who seems to have petered out at 45, and my newly rolled Necromancer who is lvl 10.  I tried to get back in SWTOR but after hitting 52 I haven’t found myself logging back in.  I also sorta hit a wall with WOW, my warrior there is 60.  Sigh, way too many games that’s for sure.  Then Neverwinter launched and that captivated me for about 20 levels.  I think I’m turning into one of those level capped collectors…just collecting level capped characters in whatever mmo they are playing.  Certainly, the typical endgame scene of repeating raids until you get the gear you want is about as appealing as drinking reclaimed baptismal water from a leper colony

So, in LOTRO I’m somehow managing to level up my Wardens on Riddermark and Brandywine…. simultaneously.  At first it was just an attempt to learn the class again.  Warden is not an alt friendly class if there ever was one.  I don’t know, but right now, I’m just comfortable in Rohan and I’m not looking for anything more than that.    LOTRO did have some big news with the announcement of patch 11… a new area to explore is always welcome.  There’s more pvp woes as there’s a change to the way killing blows are earned that will take place with patch 11.  Apparently this was a bug since 2007.  I’m not too phased about the change itself but to take this long to fix a simple bug is mind numbing.  Again, Turbine’s communication takes a swing and miss with the community.  I will say that the upcoming Lala’s market place is one area that Turbine did right.  It’s an ingame store that’s not in your face and for Turbine, that’s progress.

Neverwinter is here!

I did pick this title up on preorder and started leveling a Great Sword Fighter.  I do wish they could have been a bit more creative with the name, Great Sword Fighter doesn’t do it.   Be that as it may, it’s an AOE melee machine and that’s what I want to play.  I made it to lvl 16 and it’s been great fun.  There’s a lot to the game and I don’t fully understand yet.  I’ve done 1 foundry mission and a handful of this orc wave skirmish.  Up on the plate is my first dungeon and finding a guild that is a good fit.  Crafting does seem a bit like SWTOR in that you assign minions to do the crafting and you are free to do whatever you want.  I hate being nailed in place to do crafting.  Anyway, I’ll be including more of this in my schedule, possibly at the expense of SWTOR and WOW.