WTF happened to GW2

gw079I recently needed to reclaim some HD space and after taking a look at what I haven’t been playing, I pulled the plug on GW2.  I have over 1000 hrs in the game and 2 endgame characters but I haven’t played in months.  My high water mark for gaming time was basically the first 4 months of the games life.  I still recommend it to anyone but I just can’t find the joy in playing it anymore.

So what happened?  It’s obvious I burned out.  I completed the personal story for both of my endgame characters.  I took part in small and large group WvW back when their were lots of issues with culling (death by invisible mobs).  I ran some but not all dungeons. I had 100% map completion on one character.  I maxed several crafting professions.  I could go on but there’s no need, I played the game. In the end, I just got sick of the Champion farming trains, open world Boss zergs, and meh loot.  The legendary weapon carrot never attracted me.  It became boring and took on the feeling that it was work.  The daily and monthly achievements were a nice addition and initially gave me something to aim for but after a while I cared less about it. It wasn’t very hard to get good equipment but once you have that, what next.  I just couldn’t see any carrots out there that I wanted to chase and my gaming time gradually got smaller and smaller.  I’m not ruling out a return but even the recent Halloween event didn’t give me pause about returning.  I’ve filled that “GW2” time slot with something else and I’m not willing to change it….for the time being.

Where’s my cheese!

It was a big week in gaming for me..big as in I found lots of time to game between GW2, WOW, and Rift…but not all was rosy.  So lets get right to it.

Divinity's Reach from Queensdale

Divinity’s Reach from Queensdale

I spent the most time in GW2.  For those that say it’s a boring game, never anything to do, well, I certainly didn’t find that the case this past week.  The Dragon Bash kept me going and going and going.  However, not all ended well.  I was prompted to return to Lion’s Arch to participate in the Dragon effigy burning ceremony instance.  I went ahead and started it and through some mishap of my own, I ended up inadvertently leaving the instance before it was complete and that’s where my troubles began.  See, that bugged the rest of my dragon bash story line and basically froze my advancement at that point.  I bugged it and my ticket is closed…but in my view, not resolved.  I can get some solace in that I’m not alone in my angst as noted in the official forums here.  While my story progress was halted, I still managed to get the meta festival achievement and those “shatter” holographic wings.  I also managed to get some guild event time with my guild as we explored one of the lower level Asura zones.


In WOW, I hit lvl 71 and I’m still in the Outlands.  My goal is to make it back to Azeroth but I’m almost rethinking this.  Maybe a case of burn out, I don’t know, but I keep asking myself what am I doing here and why and is this fun.  I feel very disconnected to any story going on right now and that’s a major problem.  I’ll give it some more time and figure out a way out of the Outlands.

In Rift, I spent some time shopping and getting to know the game again.  I did have some expert level dungeon gear and I bought some more from the store.  I had sooooo much rex to spend there it was awesome.  My 60 Cleric is nicely decked out and dungeon ready, if and when I take that route.  My gameplay has been about getting comfortable so I stuck with story quests and 2 souls, a shaman soul and a druid soul.  Both are excellent solo DPS classes that are hard to fail on which I need right now.  I’ve enjoyed the story so far, nice bits of whimsy and all, I mean it is a high fantasy story so why not have some talking rabbits.  My plan is to finish the story quest in the new area, then start working on achievements, etc and maybe doing some dungeon runs, probably as a healer.  Right now, I can see me spending a lot of time here.  I’ll leave you with some Rift screenies

2013-06-21_151838 2013-06-22_065102 2013-06-23_210240 2013-06-23_210241 2013-06-23_210243 2013-06-23_214344 2013-06-23_222923

Dragon Bashing part deux

110 Dragon Bash Achievements pts so far.  I have definitely spent more time in GW2 the past week than I can remember.  I smashed plenty of dragon pinatas, won 20+ dragon ball games, and opened hundreds of dragon coffers… got lucky RNG drop of a holographic knight mini x2 from all those dragon coffers, otherwise nothing rare or wanted of note dropped.  No holographic dragon wings, RNG be damned.

So, I did what any self respecting gamer would do and I bought those holographic dragon wings I was salivating over for about 20 gold on the TP…and yeah, it felt totally worth it when running around on my Norn Mesmer with those wings flapping in the air.  Totally makes her look like a badass giant fairy.  gw118

Thoughts on the festival so far:  I’m enjoying it, it has been fun for what its worth.  The events are fun.  I didn’t have to compete with other players for penatas or the holographic nodes out in the world, that’s a plus but I think maybe too much of the festival was centered in Lions Arch.  Not having a jumping puzzle that blows you away like the previous festivals hurt this one.   I don’t like the RNGs…little to no guaranteed loot meant pure luck involved gaining anything of value….it doesn’t feel like I have to work for something when I’m at the mercy of the RNG.  For most of the achievements, you didn’t receive anything from them except achievement points.  It would have been nice to see more rewards for the time invested on completing those achievements.  Now, the reward for the Meta Achievement is spot on but otherwise, everything seems rather weak.  Oh, and 50 silver per MOA races seems like just a method to circulate money out of the game, I mean who do they think they are kidding.  I bartered all my tickets to recoup my losses, spending 25-40 gold for a mini pet was just too excessive.

addendum: so as of today, we now have dragon effigies located throughout the 1-30 lvl world.  I’ve also noticed a marked increase in the number of holographic nodes…the nodes that you activate and kill the holographic mobs that spawn for dragon coffers and Zhaitan candy.  Anyway, this is good news for people that want to farm these things and probably bad news for anyone hoping to make some big bucks off rare drops as they won’t be so rare anymore.

Show and Tell: Hours played GW2

I’ve been enjoying a bit of a renaissance in GW2, thanks to the Dragon Bash festival.  After reading Elisabeth’s post on numbers at, I felt inspired to do my own similar analysis.

As of 6/13/2013, here’s my GW2 characters, sorted in the order I rolled them.

Couillon, Human Warrior has 259 hours played and is level 80
-Started at launch, completed personal story and hit level cap with this guy first.  Generally, found Warriors super easy to play and mow down mobs.

Chere Mignonne, Norn Mesmer has 398 hours played and is level 80
-Decided I needed a more “magical” fantasy character so rolled with this and completed personal story, 100% map completion, etc.  I find Mesmers to be a challenge to master but when it clicks, it’s awesome.

Maudit Beausoleil, Human Thief has 19 hours played and is lvl 21
-wanted to give thief a try and decided 21 levels was enough for me to not wanna play this guy anymore.  I just didn’t have the resource generation/consumption down to really enjoy this class, it’s not broken, it’s me, all me.

Value Judgement, Human Guardian has 43 hours played and is level 45
-different kind of warrior, just ran out of gas and a victim of wanting a more “magic user” type character.  I like playing this class, I just had poor timing when I decided to roll one.  I had leveled a Guardian during the betas so didn’t wanna repeat that experience once the game launched and now, well, it’s harder to repeat the leveling experience with so many games and so little time.

Who Dat Nation, Human Necromancer has 10 hours played and is level 19
-2nd attempt at necro, just seems like a slow starter.

Bambocheur, Human Ranger has 5 hours played and is level
-wanted to try the “stand in the back and kill stuff from far away” type.  I also like the idea of a pet classes, thought i’m not always ready to level one.

Cher Parraine, Norn Engineer has 1 hour played and is level 3
-attempt to recreate a LOTRO style White Hand Uruk 

Adding these numbers up equals roughly 735 hours.  However, my total ‘ingame’ time equals about 777 hours.  That means I’ve invested about 42 hours in pixels that don’t exist anymore or perhaps I should say in characters that I ended up deleting   Kinda makes me feel like when those 3 day weekends just fly by and wondering where all that time went. For what it’s worth my Raptr time is at roughly 905 hours…now that really makes me wonder where has all the time gone and yes, I know Raptr seems to count time spent at the character selection screen as ‘game time’.    

Dragon bashing

A few days of flying across Outland in WOW found me at lvl 68 and it was time to put WOW in the corner. With about 2 zones left to go, GW2 went and dropped their Dragon Bash festival.  Guides can be located here and here.

It’s been nutting but festival achievement hunting for me.  The proverbial carrot on a stick are these Holographic Dragon wings.  I must, must, have these for Chere Mignonne, my female Norn Mesmer.  Obtaining these of course is where the fun begins.  According to my sources, I need 100k Zhaitaffy candy, yeah right….barring that, they are a rare drop off Dragon Coffers.  So, not looking good for those wings.  Bless Arena net for they must know my pain, they have a slightly different version of these called Holographic Shattered Dragon Wings that can be obtained from completing the festival meta event achievement, of which i’m 7 of 10 done.

Goodies so far?  I got a mail that had these: 3 Horns of the Dragon dragon helmets.  Now these appear to be cosmetic (no stats) but you can transmutation them so that they have real armor stats and wear into battle.  Charge suckas!