Eyes wide shut and internet experts

I’ll admit, I was excited by the EQNext reveal during the SOE Live weekend and it didn’t disappoint.  I think SOE is making the right moves for the next generation MMO.  I watched some of the live coverage on Twitch.tv and read some of the recap coverage in the blogosphere.  There’s plenty questions that need answered but for a reveal, it did its job masterfully.

Then I read some of the comments and forum posts on said subject.  What a mistake. Nothing but knee jerk doom and gloom and comparisons to other games.  If I had a penny for every time “fail” was mentioned….you get my point.  It was ridiculous.  I never knew there were so many unpaid experts out there….SOE should break down their doors to hire them!  Rolls eyes.

Here’s my dilemma, I want to keep up with the EQNext news and community but I don’t want to see/read the filth.  What to do?  Be on your guard, Yes.  Stick to writers and sites that I trust, better.