in the stacks….of my game library

I’m in a bit of the doldrums in regards to my slate of MMOs so I’ve made a commitment to invest what discretionary gaming time I have into my Steam and GOG library.  What did I check out?

Well, its no secret I’ve started up a Dragon Age game so I did what all game title fans do and picked up the sequel, Dragon Age II.  Having just played a few hours of Dragon Age II, I’ve noticed it’s a different game altogether.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s fun but right now I am more invested in the Dragon Age combat system.

I couldn’t stop there so I also reached up and downloaded Neverwinter Nights 2.

Wallpaper3 Neverwinter Nights 2 Complete 1920x1080 So far, the control scheme has been the biggest barrier of entry for me but muscle memory is starting to kick in and it helps that the game is FUN. It has a pause combat system, similar to Dragon Age in that respect but its a completely different game and it’s D&D.  So, my plan is to progress as far as possible in at least one of these 3 titles, enjoying ride along the way and of course posting about my adventures here.


My week in mmo

too cute

too cute

My Raptr summary has been in the single digits of late. Why?  Mostly Udemy is too blame. The courses are simply too good to pass up, especially when I am looking to spruce up my professional development skills.  I purchased a few courses outright but found some nice deals on bundled courses at StackSocial.

So, when I wasn’t on Udemy, I managed to get a little ArcheAge in.  Raptr hasn’t been tracking my ArcheAge time but once I hit >lvl 30 my gaming trailed off.  I’m not sure what else I need to see.  I will play this game at launch and right now, the apha is hugely populated, making any >lvl 30 content a bit tricky for a casual player.

ArcheAge at it's best!

ArcheAge at it’s best!

It's the numbers

It’s the numbers

is anyone ever innocent?

is anyone ever innocent?

I’d rather level up alts thru the first 15 lvls to optimize my progression.  A good start in this game (getting your large scarecrow farm) as early as possible will pay dividends later in the game and I’m sure you’ll see the blogoshere recommending this or that strategy.

I also got in a bit of Dragon Age, that Bioware single player RPG from 2009, iirc.  It’s tells a good story and it has an interesting combat system…pause, give commands, unpause, watch, repeat.  I’ve just hit the double digit in levels, I’ve gathered a few more members to my team, and I’ve just started.

my Krewe

my Krewe