Casually venturing into Defiance

I just picked up this title though I have no idea how or when I’ll fit into my schedule.  I don’t like first person shooters but this is 3rd person so I think I can handle that.  Also, it’s made by Trion who I have a lot of respect for the work they have done with Rift.  Now Rift isn’t perfect BUT Trion has always been responsive and I value that.  As of today I’ve only had about 5-6 hours in the game but it does feel like something I can enjoy in little bite size pieces.  I do need to figure out the UI and decide on a playstyle/character. I’m not quite sure what everything means in the game but it’s not slowing me done at this point and I have plenty of time to figure out  that stuff later.  So for now, good work Trion and where can i buy more hours in the day!