Bioshock wow, Rift shinies, LOTRO transfers

It’s been some time since my last post and I’ve been busy in and out of gaming.  What have I been up to?

First, I installed Bioshock Infinite (Christmas sale purchase) and was blown away.  I played straight through and finished the game in about a week.  Gameplay and story kept me going.  I’m not a huge fan of fps but I enjoyed the combat options which let me explore different styles with the vigor system.  I absolutely loved the ephemera in the game and and world building. Lots of wow moments.  Towards the end, I sorta started putting things together but the big reveal did indeed surprise me.  Wow  was the term I kept saying to myself.  Probably one of my best purchases of the year!

After I finished Bioshock, I was hungry again for some MMOs.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised but I found my mmo time equally split between Rift and LOTRO.

It’s was strickly PVE activities in Rift.  I made an effort to complete some artifact sets in Gloamwood that contribute towards zone achievements with hit and miss success.  The problem I have with artifacts is two fold; On one hand, I enjoy finding shiny’s when I’m just out and about in the world, but on the other hand, when I need a specific shiny that may spawn in x number of places, it requires x to the nth degree of patience that I rarely have in my well. Auction house is a route that I’ve used just to get that one artifact to fill in the collection but again, I can get priced out of the market b/c I have this line in the sand that I won’t cross for a shiny that adds nothing but an achievement point. My other feats in Rift is discovering that I have exactly zero Character achievements for the Saga quests.  This category is the essentially the EPIC story in Rift and I totally bypassed almost all of them.  I looked in the quest log and couldn’t find anything that would direct me to a starting point. I thought about looking through my completed quests but there’s no such function in Rift so that was a dead end. I turned to the internets and found a page full of hyperlinked quests and npc information but again, I had no way of knowing how much I had progressed down the chain. I  finally put in a ticket to the GM and received a response the next day that guided me to where I needed to go and what I needed to do! Yeah!  So, for the time being, I’ll be working on getting these Sage story’s done .

In LOTRO, I played my Reaver and War Leader and dabbled in PvP. The action of late has been increasingly spotty not very thrilling.  I did some reflection on my time on this server, Riddermark.  All of my most active creep tribes have ceased to exist.  I’ve gone through 3 tribes (their all inactive), and that brings me to my current tribe, which is now active on a different server, Landroval.  That makes just about everyone I knew when I rolled this reaver in 2011, gone .  Despite all that, it still took me a week or two to mull this over but I made a decision and it’s done, I’m transfering to Landroval.  On Riddermark, I still have a half a raid worth of alts and mains between lvls 60 and 95 that I would play if given some content to work with ….and a R6 know-nothing  warg zerglet.  So, inevitably, I’ll revisit the server after my transfer to smell the roses again.