Personal Dashboard

I don’t know if this format is gonna work out or not but this post is about what my personal gaming radar.  I also find it interesting just how much it’s changed from my  What I’m watching in 2013 posted in February.  Well, gamers are a fickle bunch.

  1. Trending Up 
    1. Final Fantasy 14: pre-ordered
    2. Rift: still enjoying my return
    3. Shadowrun Returns: new cyberpunk title
    4. EverQuest Next: waiting on SOE Live for news
  2. Holding Steady
    1. Elder Scrolls Online 
    2. Camelot Unchained
  3. Trending Down
    1. LOTRO: watched some Weatherstock livestreams is about all I’ve done the past month
    2. WOW: made it to lvl 75, canceled sub
    3. SWTOR: moved all my characters to same server but has yet to actually play 
    4. GW2: living story just not doing it for me so much

What I’m watching in 2013

crystalBall1Long overdue but better late than never.  Here’s some titles that I’m watching for 2013 as of this writing:

1. Neverwinter:  This brings back memories of Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance so yeah!  Several price options here but none of them feel good.

2. Elder Scrolls Online: drool factor 5! Definitely will pick this up.

3. Darkfall: sandoxey mmo

4. Defiance: 3rd person shooter from Trion.  I like what Trion has done in the past with Rift so this should be good.