Neverwinter Nights 2: Act 1, part 6 of 6

In this episode, we are going to Shandra’s farm.  Shandra is the last living relative of Jerro and after clearing out some enemies chasing her around her farm, she agrees to come back with us to Neverwinter. NWN2_SS_061814_202646   Once in Neverwinter, we settle in the Sunken Flagon for the night but the Githyanki haven’t given up.  They attack the inn and take Shandra. NWN2_SS_061814_203025

Nothing you can do here to prevent Shandra from being taken.  On the brightside, I picked up yet another fellowship member.  Meet Bishop, evil human ranger that agreed to come with us to pay off a debt owed to Duncan.  Now normally, I would only be allowed to take 3 or 4 NPCs with me.  I hate leaving anyone home so I made a minor “cheat” so that I can take up to 7 NPCs with me.   So, our mission is to save Shandra, again, and our first stop is the village of Ember.

On the way, more foes to blast away and an ambush to fight through in Ember.  We learn that Shandra has been taken to the mountains and that means another dungeon.


Githyanki dungeon boss….tank’n’spank.


What’s interesting about this dungeon crawl is that we encounter several succubus fighting the githyanki. Eventually we front a scene with 3 succubus surrouding a “devil”. We take out the 3 succubus and make a deal with the devil..a deal that gets us past that magical barrier you see.


At the end of this, we encounter this Zeeaire, who’s behind a magical ward.  We take out her lackeys then destroy the ward and Zeeaire goes down.



Before its over we learn that the Githyanki were not the true threat.  Zeeaire tells us the “King of Shadows” has returned and that like all good dark lords, he will destory or enslave all life.  By the way, we rescue Shandra and she joins us as another fighter.  I also learn from Duncan the true story of my character’s parents and that I have a shard embedded in me.  But that’s not all…there’s a Luskan plot about to drop on me.  The Wizard Sand is joining us because he enjoyings spoiling anything Luskan.  And that is the end of Chapter 1, YEAH!

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