Neverwinter Nights 2: Act 1, part 5 of 6

Where was I?  Oh yes, finally given access to the Blacklake district and not a moment too soon. I’m near the point of not caring anymore but nevermind I’m oh so close to finishing Chapter 1, I can see the light at the end.  Once there, we spoke with Aldernon the Sage who ran some test and confirmed our suspicions.




Aldernon also tells us we need knowledge that Ammon Jerro has…the complication is Jerro is dead but that’s not quite the “dead end” it seems.  We are to enter the Neverwinter Archives and find the location of Jerro’s Haven, no library card required.


The Archives has several Riddles in them and we were not the only ones trying to find the location of Jerro’s Haven.NWN2_SS_061814_201216

We also find out there’s a living relative of Jerro and yes, it’s a she and she needs rescuing.



We take care of business and….


and so we are off…



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