Neverwinter Nights 2: Act 1, part 3 of 6

always proving myself

always proving myself

So, taking up where I left off with my last post, I had to join the City Guard inorder to gain favor with my new employer and gain entry into the blacklake district which is where I need to speak to someone about these “shards”.  But that’s not all,  before I can head off to my next destination, there’s lots of bandits to take care of and some companion quests.  I’m your gal.  Really, I sorta zoned out here and powered through these quests as quickly as possible to get further along on the main story line.

Leaving the City Watch office, our party is immediately swelled by 1.  Meet Qara, Human, Chaotic Neutral Sorcerer and quite the pyromaniac.



One odd note I’d like to mention is that during our adventures, this portrait of “guy with pornstache” and intense gaze keep showing up in almost every house we entered. Truely, he must have been legendary in Neverwinter, yet I’m getting no quests about him.  Neverwinter devs obviously missed an opportunity.

The Neverwinter Nights Pornstache

The Neverwinter Nights Pornstache

So we are off to clean up the docks with unflinching dedication.NWN2_SS_060814_074142

Failure really wasn’t an option and we cleared up the docks made a name for ourselves.

NWN2_SS_060814_074656 NWN2_SS_060814_115838

I’ll end todays post with non other than Neverwinter’s own kobold merchant, a must stop on your way to equiping yourself with the latest and greatest!




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