Neverwinter Nights 2: Act 1, part 2 of 6

In my last post, I left our heroes at Fort Locke.  I had started out as a party of one and quickly grown to a party of 3 (Paladin, Rouge, and Fighter). You might think three is perfect ( Three Muskateer’s were really 4) but no, we added a Druid to the company.

ahhh, this is gonna be great!

ahhh, this is gonna be great!

Meet Elanee, Wood Elf, Neutral Good Druid.  The important thing to note is that we learned there’s a deadly taint in Elanee’s druids circle and its likely related to the shard I’m carrying.  Where is this going I wonder…..

Barkskin smells like sandolwood and comes with free lotion!

Barkskin smells like sandolwood and comes with free lotion!

Next stop, Highcliff.  NWN2_SS_060614_164619

Highcliff was suffering from a Lizard man onslaught and the way to Neverwinter was shut. Our task is to find our why the nine hells were the Lizard men harassing Highcliff citizens and put a stop to it so we can continue on our way to Neverwinter.  Oh, the plot thickens….NWN2_SS_060614_193654

My superior bluff and diplomacy skills have been a suprise and actually worked sometimes.  I was able to strike a deal between the Lizard men and Highcliff, a victory for diplomacy and peace in our time right.

NWN2_SS_060614_195837 NWN2_SS_060614_200026

Neverwinter, finally we make it and of course the dwarf isn’t impressed by 2007 era graphics.


First stop is the Sunken Flagon for a chat with my uncle Duncan.  Duncan has a shard too, the twin of my shard and maybe some answers.  Really, he has no answers and farms out some help to Sand, an Elf Wizard who attempts to discern the magical properties of the shards.  The result is I need to seek out “so and so” in the Blacklake district.  The problem is that the Blacklake district is closed to all except members of the City Watch…so guess what I do? yep, my Paladin becomes a lawgirl.


and I’ll end the post on a Moon shot!





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