Neverwinter Nights 2: Act 1, part 1 of 6

NWN2_SS_060214_120050After the tutorial ends, the fun starts.  Suprise! It’s a magical shard that just happens to draw evil creatures to it like flies on sh$t.  My mission: take this shard to Neverwinter and oh, you’re gonna have to fight your way there.  By the way, I rolled a female Paladin for this adventure.  And away we go…


Before I could get the hell out of this small town, I had to take care of some lizard men, yep, good ole lizard men living in my Dungeon!


I was able to “convince” their chief that’s its in his best interest to get the hell out.  An Oscar award performance if I should say so.

NWN2_SS_060214_123314Done with lizard men, I can finally make my way towards Nevewinter.  Not very far on that journy, minding my business, I happen upon a secret fight club headed by dwarf with an attitude.  Meet Khelgar Ironfist, Shield Dwarf, Neutral Good Fighter.  My one man party just turned to 2.


We continue on to Fort Locke and we are joined by a Neeshka ( a Tiefling, Neutral Rogue) and yes she owes us.  Neeshka turned out quite indespensible for her lockpicking and trap disarming.  Ft. Locke is a sort of quest hub and I spent some time here exploring a graveyard, a vivrant place for undead, and a bandit camp. Ok, so this is a good spot to stop, more to come on my way to Neverwinter.


Something tells me I’m sick.

5 thoughts on “Neverwinter Nights 2: Act 1, part 1 of 6

  1. We missed this one. Bought it and tried to play it but we got into WoW soon after it launched and the rest is history as they say. Funnily enough a couple of years ago I tried it again with my partner to see if it’d make a good coop game but the multiplayer seemed pretty buggy compared to the original and I just couldn’t get used to the controls and camera angles when compared to MMO standards…

    The story seemed good though and I did like the 3rd edition implementation though so enjoy your adventures!

  2. Oh, I completely understand. This is really my 3rd or 4th reboot trying to stick with the game past the tutorial. The goodnews is that this go round I’ve made it way past the tutorial so I call that a victory!

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