Archeage and the pucker factor

my Pala posing

my Pala posing

Well, a month between posts and where has all the time gone.  No denying that it’s getting harder to find time to post here but my love of blogging hasn’t waned.  I think I’m just at a point where my post will be less frequent.  So, what have I been up to in the last 30 days?

I played a lot of ESO.  My Orc DK, bless his heart,  is ~ lvl 30, crafting is a bit lower, my blacksmithing is around lvl 18.  I’ve played ESO mostly solo, no PVP, and saved numerous villagers from death that I’m kinda getting burned out.  I also had several couple Customer Service issues which Zenimax solved pretty quickly once I put my ticket in.  My other issues are pretty common with lots of the ESO community: running into bugged quests (which Zenimax seemed to be patching frequently) and running into rampant botting.  Anyway, I intend to take my character to level cap but I don’t think i’ll be sticking around Tamriel very long.

A few weeks ago, I started watching some ArcheAge streamers and oddly enough, I liked what I saw.  Last week I finally convinced myself to buy the founders pack for Archeage and found myself in the alpha and in a guild. I haven’t logged into ESO since.  For an Alpha, this game feels nearly complete, minus the Korean language cutscenes.  The scope of this game is quite large and there’s no one stop information hub (that I’ve found). After playing theme park MMOs for so long, I was afraid I wouldn’t enjoy a more sandboxe game experience but I was wrong.  What did I find out about Archeage?  For one, I don’t have to do the traditional fantasy trope questing, which is the standard kill 10 rats.  I discovered crafting!  and trade pack runs!

AA Mass Transit

AA Mass Transit

The highlight of my first week was going on a guild run to turn in our trade packs in enemy territory….the equivalent of getting to an end raid boss.  You see, our target was an NPC on a dock in enemy territory…ie, pvp zone.  About a dozen of us got on a clipper ship (player made by a guildie) and rode the waves to our destination. The ship itself is quite impressive.  We hug the coast and all seems calm when a ship is sighted ahead and it’s making a bee line for us….then turns away….we outnumbered them ha ha. More riding the waves, on the lookout for trouble.  5-10 minutes later, we are approaching the docks and we are spotted.  oh no  As we near the dock, we start taking fire, literally, I’m on fire. Everyone scrambles off the ship as I try to do the same…wait, I’m being blocked by part of the ship, I can’t move (meet collision detection). I finally break free of the boat and jump into the water as I take some more fire and frantically try to heal, swim and reach the dock all at the same time ( for quest turn in).  Yeah, I make it to the dock, up the stairs, moving at a snails pace.  I take 4-5 steps, battle raging all around me, then WHAM, I’m dead. Killed by baddies.  I view my corpse as my killlers take my pack and turn it in and I respawn with the rest of my guildies.  PUCKER FACTOR 10!  lol, that some adrenaline rush.  I died but that’s fine, it turns out the quest I desparately needed was autocompleted as I made it close enough to the turnin NPC. Now, I can make a Large Scarecrow farm and that my friends, is the gift that keeps on giving. Welcome to Archeage folks!


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