King of da Etennmoors and metrics

King of da Moors!

King of da Moors!

I recently hit a milestone in my LOTRO PvMP fun…1200kbs.  Now what does that mean? Exactly 1200 times, I executed x skill that resulted in the last bit of damage that caused a freep to die. Significance of this? None at all, it’s only a number.  A player could have done 90% of the damage on an enemy but someone else could come in and use one skill and get the kb.  Does this stop players from attaching some meaning to this? Of course not, this is pvp!

Another metric Turbine displayes is the kills/death ratio.  It’s a simple ratio of how many times your actions lead to an enemies death compared to how many times you have died in battle.  Again, it’s not a performance metric as much as it’s an indicator of playstyle…. meaning someone with a k/d ratio closer to 1 is a solo’er while someone with a much larger number is a raider.  On my Reaver, it stands at 3.7 k/d…meaning I fall in battle once for every 3.7 enemies that die.  What does this tell me? I like to roam the hills solo looking for targets…and yes, I get nuked 75% of the time but that’s the creep life.  As a rule of thumb, between creeps and freeps, freep k/d ratios are higher.  Creeps are more likely to be found solo by groups (creeps have to do a lot of pve to earn maps) and creeps are several factors weaker than their freep counterparts.  Overall, I think this metric is bad for the game because too many players attach significance to it and play accordingly, meaning they don’t take risks in a consequence free environment.

On the one hand, completely ignoring these metrics can be beneficial while there’s nothing wrong with using them as motivators or achievement milestones.  As always, never beat your opponent so much that they don’t return to the battlefield, there’s nothing worse than having nothing to fight over in the online arena.


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