Lotro opens automated transfers for more of your money

lotro charac transfersAutomated character transfers are now available per Turbine’s annoucement.

The big take away here is that Turbine points can no longer be used to pay for this service…meaning VIPs have been further devalued and have one less big ticket item to spend their 500TP monthly stipend.  I foresee Turbine taking more steps to prevent TP “hoarding”.

The new Character Transfer System uses tokens, purchased with real money here. So, let me think here…an automated process cost just as much, maybe slightly more, than the previous manual process?  I don’t mind paying a premium when an actual employee must perform actions on my behalf but to charge so much for an automated process seems like a cash grab. Mind you that these tokens cannot be traded so purchase them for the account holding the characters you intend on transfering.

1 token= $24.95

3 token bundle= $69.95

6 token bundle= $134.95

I’m especially not happy about the manner of this change.  I had multiple characters waiting on Turbine Point paid transfers that never went through because of this new service.  I only found out about this because I received an email from Turbine saying I had 2 options: wait another 2 weeks for a TP paid transfer or pay real currency and get instant gratification.  I went ahead and paid for my transfers and will now bank my remaining TP pool to pay for any further xpacs, if we see any.  That said, the whole business feels quite bitter and not soon forgotten by this consumer.

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