What to play next

I’m sort of at a crossroads with several of the mmo’s that regularly que up.

LOTRO: at level cap with at least one character and no reason to play at the moment.  I’ll dabble in some pvp on my Reaver but nothing else is of interest.

Rift: same as in LOTRO except I don’t pvp here.

WOW: still casually leveling my Warrior, up to lvl 84 now iirc, through Cataclysm.

SWTOR: I’m solely queuing up for WZs on my lvl 55 Scoundrel and working on pvp gear upgrades.  I’ve got about 3 pieces to go for my goal and I’ve reached valor level 71.

So, at the moment I’ve found a happy place in the single game market. I’ve started up on my Diablo 3 game again and started leveling my Warrior up, currently at lvl 54 and shooting for lvl 60.  I purchased the upcoming expansion and so I’m looking forward to some classic dungeon crawls in March.

I also picked up a ton of games during the Christmas sale at GOG.com and Steam and for the next 3-4 months, I plan to dig into a lot of them.  At the moment I’m tinkering with Divine Divinity II, Witcher II, and Trine II.  All very different games and pleasant escapes for short gaming sessions.

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