Looking back at 2013

Back on January 7, 2013, I put down some gaming goals for myself, lets take a look:

1- LOTRO: Currently most played of my titles. Finish with Rohan, reach lvl 85 on Champion, take a look at the instances and take a break when i feel the gear grind approach.

I’d say I got my money’s worth out of LOTRO.  I not only finished Rohan, I got a total of 4 characters to lvl 85 and through Rohan, plus I made Rank 8 in monster play on my Reaver. When Helms Deep launched, I jumped head first and devoured the content on my way to level cap.  Practically everyone noticed how over powered their characters were and I certainly was no exception.  Big Battles are a unique system, though not without problems, but the reward/progression system doomed any longevity on my part.  After 2 or 3 weeks of launch euphoria, I couldn’t ignore flaws that were always there and my log time diminished as December moved into January.  Be that as it may, LOTRO was my most consistently played game in 2013.  

2- RIFT: I’m at a happy place with this game so the only thing I have is to stay current, get some dailies done couple times/week and get some more dungeon runs under my belt.

After reaching my notoriety (reputation grind) level goals and being outfitted in Raid ready gear, I ran out of carrots to chase in Rift.  Currently, I may log in 2-4x a month but that certainly could change.  There’s nothing bad to say about Rift, it just suffers from being another Fantasy MMO in my cupboard and one that I’ve accomplished a great many things.

3- SWTOR: Keep leveling Operative. I want to let my sub lapse and continue leveling my Operative using the aweful f2p system Bioware has designed.

I completely flubbed on leveling that Operative.  I don’t know what it is about Empire characters but I just can’t seem to stick with them, perhaps I should roll a Bounty Hunter. Bioware’s f2p system wasn’t anything that I felt comfortable with, I’m ok subbing for my SWTOR fix.  December did see a SWTOR resurgence, enjoying my Scoundrel and playing with other LOTRO expats so I’d count that as a win win.

4- GW2: revisit my Mesmer or perhaps start a new Elementalist but really waiting to see what new content comes out in the first 3 months of this year.

Nothing bad to say about GW2 but I’m just not playing it anymore.  I deleted the game from my computer so it doesn’t look good for getting back into the game. It’s a solid game but I’m done and I’m ok with that.

5- WOW: I feel this is falling off my radar and I’m not too sad about it. This is a lot of games to shuffle around and this one may be out. Currently working on a Druid, up to level 24.

In WOW, I ended up putting that Druid in the parking lot and rolled a Warrior.  My WOW gaming has been in spurts but I’ve gotten my Warrior to lvl 82 and it’s been a good experience taken in small bites.

6- STO: no hurry here, continue 1/week sessions. Try to remember UI layout.

Deleted STO client off HD.  I’m a fan of space sims but just couldn’t catch on to STO.

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