AOC: pulling the plug


As much as I’m fan of the lore, AOC just isn’t working for me.  Uninstalled a few days ago and not looking back.  So what brought me to this point? Perhaps it was death by a thousand cuts.  While I enjoyed some aspects of the game, I always seemed to find obstacles to “fun” in this game.  Getting around was tedious and expensive, watching my character’s animations while riding a basic horse was hideous, NPC’s with “crazy eyes”, uninspiring quest content and loot, and little ingame guidance on character development. The final straw was when I accidentally hit the “offline leveling” button and auto leveled my lvl 32 Conqueror to lvl 80 (cap).  For someone anxious to get at endgame, this would be welcome but my reason for playing the game was to experience the lore and leveling process that the game has to offer.  All of a sudden I’m at cap and it just felt like a waste. Now, of course, there’s nothing stopping me from going on through each zone, etc but like I said, there were many other factors and I was certainly on the fence about pulling the plug prior to getting auto leveled to cap.  I can always get my lore fix from books and comics and I have plenty of options for “fantasy mmo” settings.  Last but not least, all is not lost, I did re-install The Secret World (TSW) and I’m sure I’ll send Funcom some more coins there way in the future.

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