reactions a week into Helms Deep

LOTRO’s Helms Deep expansion finally dropped on 11/20 after a brief delay.  The first step in any expansion is patching…and who nellie, did the patcher take it’s time.  I read about a similar experience at The Ancient Gaming Noob.

I finally got into the game on my Lore Master and witnessed the spectacle of all my accomplished deeds scrolling up on the screen.  I spent about 30min -1hr in Edoras spending all my LI points and specializing into the yellow line, Keeper of Animals.  Keeper of Animals is the pet favored line…meaning you’ll get the most bang out of your pet in this line at the expense of some Big time damage skills like Ents.  It’s generally seen as a solo pve line.  For Big Battles, I’m going all red line, the LM’s DPS line.  

I can’t say I had any issues with the class revamps though LM’s seem to have fared better than say, Captains.  While LM’s may have lost some CC/Buffs/Debuffs depending on your trait line, it’s my opinion that LM’s have moved away from these exclusive roles since F2P. They pack much more of punch in the damage area than they did say 3+yrs ago and typically the CC/debuffs are only vital in T2Challenge raiding.  Overall, based on my experiences with the LM, I’m happy and enjoy the class just as much as before.




Moving on, if you know anything about Turbine, its that they know how to build Middle Earth.   They really did a great job building Western Rohan.  It’s a beautiful pastoral zone that brought me right back to Tolkien’s original work.   

switchback on the Pukel men way

switchback on the Pukel men way

you are now entering Paths of the Dead, please dispose of any waste in the receptacle

you are now entering Paths of the Dead, please dispose of any waste in the receptacle

So, after committing to the KoA line, I was ready to kick some face and try out my new LM.  However, Turbine would rather I spend quality time in Edoras. Yeah, I know, this was needed for lore and story but o’lordy, that was a lonnnnng time spent without seeing some action.  Then I’m off to Entwade to check outhouses? oh my.  I thought these Rohan stock were tough people???

Character wise, I feel pretty powerful even though I’m under no illusion that I’m playing with the utmost efficiency. Landscape questing isn’t really any sort of challenge right now and I barely need more than 2-3 skills to kill a mob.  That’s been the trend since F2P imo.  Could I play naked and still win? that’s an unequivocal yes. What does this mean for LOTRO’s future? Core fans of Middle Earth will remain but LOTRO needs to broaden it’s appeal to other mmo audiences yet the ezmode play will not retain the later.

hovering over pile of dead uruks

hovering over pile of dead uruks

You’ve got to be kidding moment #1: There’s an instance quest in Entwade where you defend a bridge from 3-4 mobs at a time, they come in waves.  No problem defeating them at all however that instance just would not end.  I can’t recall how many mobs I defeated but I could have used a slayer deed scroll and it would have been spent well. It turns out the mobs at the bridge are NOT the mobs you need to kill..its the mobs behind you at the wall. This is not very well explained in the quest text you get.

You’ve got to be kidding moment #2:  I’m a Lore Master yet I kept getting LI drops for every other class but LM.  I finally got new LM LIs by asking my kin for any drops.  Anyway, my LM LI drought continues, getting really bad RNG drops.  Oh, and a crappy Lvl 86+ 3rd age has much better dps numbers than my lvl 85 2nd age.

You’ve got to be kidding moment #3:  There are some bugged quests attached to chains that essentially lock you out of content.  Something happened in Stonebeans as I’ve run out of quests there and my deed chart is showing 18/50 quests completed. Oh well, its something I’ll figure out later, for now I’d rather move forward to the next zone.

You’ve got to be kidding moment #4: Big Battle tutorial….which I didn’t see until way towards the end of the epic quest line.  Of course who wants to wait to finish the epic line before at least trying out a few Big Battles? Not me…and how does this work for someone at lvl 10?  My initial experiences in Big Battles were not very favorable.  They got the chaos of battle down good but left out what you could do to make it less chaotic.  Now that I have been able to spend some points in the BB skill trees, I have a bigger impact and BB are less chaotic as I have somewhat more control.  Getting points in your Big Battle trees makes a huge difference.

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