week in review

I can’t recall a gaming week filled with greater MMO diversity.  Short, goal driven gaming sessions were the order of the day.

SWTOR: Mainly focused on 3 characters there, all reaching for the mythical lvl 55 cap.

  • 1. Beausoleil: Smuggler/Scoundrel, lvl 53ish, ~lvl 68 valor.
  • 2. Bois’sec: Smuggler/Scoundrel, lvl 51ish, lvl 59 valor.
  • 3. Jolieblon: Jedi Knight/Sentinel, lvl 54ish, lvl 59 valor.

Don’t mistake the pvp focus on valor ranking as an indication of my competitiveness. My SWTOR pvp is very casual, I cue up for warzones solo and switch characters when my daily is complete.  I’m not very concerned about wins/losses, I’m more concerned on how i’m playing and whether or not i’m hitting all the right buttons.

WOW: yep, i’m still slugging away in Northrend on my Warrior.  I did ride the wave of momentum following Blizzcon by shooting my way from lvl 75 to 80.  I have 1-2 more zones in Northrend to explore then it’s off to Cataclysm land.

Rift: mostly logging in to collect my daily patron gift and remind myself what my quickslot bar looks like.  I’m aware there a new expansion that’s hot off the presses and I went thru the initial quest but gave up until I was better antiquated with my cleric.

AOC: yet another surprise, I finally hit lvl 30 and I seem to understand the Conqueror class better now.  I am enjoying the combat.  However, AOC is a beginning to take on the look of the game that I’d like to continue but the game itself is getting in the way. I finally finished up the solo content of in the Cimmerian village and Conagal Valley(sic) and I just made lvl 30.  What I found frustrating was that quest givers kept sending me back through areas I had cleared before.  Hunting for quests was not something I have enjoyed in this zone.    

LOTRO:  actually been kinda quiet in lotro.  My freep characters are parked and ready for the HD launch.  I mostly played my creep Reaver and had some fun in the moors.  I also worked on my film project and I’m near the half way point in terms of filming. Lots more editing work ahead.

Heartstone (beta): I’m giving this a try as time permits.

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