Return to TORtanic

Yep, TOR hasn’t completely submerged and BW is keeping it afloat despite it’s horrible F2P model.  Be that as it may, it’s been quietly whispering in my ear to come back to it’s bountiful bosom.  This past weekend, that whisper literally was some LOTRO friends SWTOR’ing on The Bastion server that I happened to catch on their TeamSpeak channel.  I had figured they were there after our LOTRO Creep tribe all but disappeared the last month or so.  After a longer than usual download, I typed my username and password (thanks muscle memory) and found myself having to choose from 3 lvl 50+ characters that I had no idea how to play. After accepting guild invites from my LOTRO friends, I took stock of my characters and skill trees and that’s when the eye twitching started.  Crafting….not gonna go there yet.

1. Beausoleil, lvl 51 Smuggler/Scrapper (rogue dps)

2. Bois’Sec, lvl 50 Smuggler/Sawbones(irritating healer)

3. Jolieblon, lvl 53 Knight/Sentinel(melee dps)

Ok, so this is always a nice problem to have…returning to a game with max level characters that you no longer know how to play.  Not only that but the key binding system I used back then totally needed redoing.  So, I changed my keybindings and did some character specific programming for my Naga Razer.

Looking at my Smugglers, my first temptation was to roll a new character to learn how all the skill worked together….which I resisted for a couple of days. This does have some appeal to me but it doesn’t seem like it’s gonna help me at max level, so the jury is still out.  I’m not so comfortable with my dps spec but I need more work managing complex encounters.  I’ve been getting back up to speed doing some PVE questing in Makib and will dabble more into PVP.  I haven’t tried my healing spec yet but afaik, healing was easier than DPS.  So yeah, I’m returning to a game I left months ago by trying to master the most difficult spec I know….recipe for success.   Anyway, in both specs I need practice using my O Shit buttons and recognizing when to go to the well with them.  My Jedi Knight Sentinel is doing much better.  First, I find the knight easier to play and second, it’s attacks pack a punch so I feel much more comfortable going against the odds and who doesn’t enjoy dual welding lightsabers in all their majesty!  I feel no need to roll a new character to relearn this class.

How long will this infatuation last?  Doesn’t matter, I’m just enjoying the ride.

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