Storyboarding “A funny thing happened on the way to Orc Camp”

“A funny thing happened on the way to Orc Camp” is my attempt at making a fan made video with LOTROs PvMP as the subject.  Since I blog about my gaming adventures, why not add this to the mix!  I’ve made an investment in some sexy video editing tools (Cyberlink’s PowerDirector 12) and I’d like to see what I can create.  Credit or blame for my inspiration must be given to youtuber Fizze ezziF’s video “LOTRO PvMP – The World We Live” and Peodrics’s “LOTRO: Helms Deep Fan-made Trailer

I’ve made straight out recordings of my experiences in PVP located here and here but what I have in mind for this video is much more ambitious and risky.  The theme I’m shooting for is “no good deed goes unpunished” which is very typical for pvp…you know, maybe you’re emoting with the opposite faction and jumping on your pogo stick when 5 of his friends come over and run you thru, hey it happens, shake it off and carry one to die another day/time.

What I see as the major scenes (note I haven’t created anything yet):

  1. darkness, ettenmoors night ambient noise, you hear snoring and view a sleeping Orc. Screen flashes to 4-5 Black & White scenes of landscape and npc’s, then sights and sounds of fighting …Orc is dreaming/nightmare). You hear kicking sounds, screen shakes (Orc is rudely awakened).
  2. Orc told to report to Commander located at Grams.  As Orce starts walk, cue Great Escape theme music, various scenes of Moors..
  3. Orc walks into Grams Gate, <music ends> walks up to Commander and salutes <read script>given orders to report to Orc Camp as a replacement. Orc salutes and starts long walk to OC…<cue Great Escape theme>on the way meets nuisance creatures (norborgs)
  4. Orc Camp arrival <music fades out> Walks up to commander, salutes and <read Script>given orders to find female hafling suspected of being a Witch.  Salutes and leaves Grams   
  5. cue Mission Impossible, emote <sniffs air> aggros bears (speedup 4x)
  6. <cue pink pather them>Sneaky burg spots Orc, Riddles Orc and killls him….Orc collaspes….screen blinks in/out of darkness…
  7. Female Hafling on walk stumbles upon him….rezzes him and quickly leaves.  Orc is groggy and only catches some glimpses of the female hafling.  
  8. cue ThEME: Sister Golden haired beauty or Air Supply; Orc begins searches for her…screenshots of Orc looking under every rock in moors for hafling.
  9. Orc finally meets up with the female hafling and bows to hear.<cue While my guitar gently weaps music> Eyes meeting and both circle each other… emotes and facial closeups. A friendship is formed
  10. <scratching record sound>stops music…Orc and hafling look around….
  11. <clip of mordor horn>uruk-hai horn heard; cue theme Boys Back in town by Thin Lizzy, Creeps on the march..WL emote charge
  12. Hafling seen running away but is caught by creeps and run through
  13. <Rohan/Gondor horn> freep raid stands battle ready and charges creeps…battle …add blood spatter, explosions, transition to blackness
  14. Ending scene: Glimpse back of Orc as he’s walking towards setting sun, Orc turns around to look into camera and laughs, turns to look at moon/sun which turns into Helms Deep Pre0rder motif…Theme: Ozzy Mr Crowley and roll credits

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