WTF happened to GW2

gw079I recently needed to reclaim some HD space and after taking a look at what I haven’t been playing, I pulled the plug on GW2.  I have over 1000 hrs in the game and 2 endgame characters but I haven’t played in months.  My high water mark for gaming time was basically the first 4 months of the games life.  I still recommend it to anyone but I just can’t find the joy in playing it anymore.

So what happened?  It’s obvious I burned out.  I completed the personal story for both of my endgame characters.  I took part in small and large group WvW back when their were lots of issues with culling (death by invisible mobs).  I ran some but not all dungeons. I had 100% map completion on one character.  I maxed several crafting professions.  I could go on but there’s no need, I played the game. In the end, I just got sick of the Champion farming trains, open world Boss zergs, and meh loot.  The legendary weapon carrot never attracted me.  It became boring and took on the feeling that it was work.  The daily and monthly achievements were a nice addition and initially gave me something to aim for but after a while I cared less about it. It wasn’t very hard to get good equipment but once you have that, what next.  I just couldn’t see any carrots out there that I wanted to chase and my gaming time gradually got smaller and smaller.  I’m not ruling out a return but even the recent Halloween event didn’t give me pause about returning.  I’ve filled that “GW2” time slot with something else and I’m not willing to change it….for the time being.

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