LOTRO: jokers to left and Alts to the right


Continuing with my pre-Helms Deep expansion rush, I reached level cap on my Rune Keeper and Lore Master AND capped my Lore Master’s Tailoring guild rep.  They can now join my Warden and Champion at the sharp end of the spear pointing at Mordor.  Wow, 4 characters at level cap with 4 maxed crafting professions, sigh, I can’t believe I got it all done.  And I’m not done yet….I said goodbye to my personal kinship and joined a kinship (guild) of folks that I’ve known on the server since 2010.

Now what to do:  There’s no question of even attempting to outfit all 4 characters with the most uber equipment…i”m not that type of player anymore.  However, very good equipment is pretty easy to come by in LOTRO provided you have the time.  I’m content outfitting everyone in the Hytbold gear (easy with my Champ) and  a mixture of crafted/bartered jewelry. For weapons, I managed to get everyone at least a 2nd Age weapon and more than likely a 2nd age class item. I doubt I’ll see Wildermore kindred rep items but “friend” is within reach for at least 1 or 2 of my characters if they need bartered upgrades.

Wildemore revisited: I’m running my Lore Master thru Wildemore, having done so earlier this year on my Champion. Since I’m started using the /follow command, mounted combat is a lot less troublesome.  Rubber-banding still occurs and it’s deflating but I’ve found using a heavy mount means I can tank mobs quite easy. In heavy forested areas, it’s no problem to just stand and fire skills off while tanking mobs.  Overall, I’m enjoying the zone much better than when I went thru on my Champion.

I’m also leaning on this character to be my initial main character to take thru Helms Deep for a number of reasons.  Lore Masters are an interesting/notorious class to play given they have pets, lots of CC, debuffs and damaging skills to choose from. I take that as I’m less likely to become bored with the gameplay.  Also, my LM is an Explorer so he’s the only one of my capped toons that can gather and process wood, hides and ore, which are used by all my other crafters (except Scholar).

4 thoughts on “LOTRO: jokers to left and Alts to the right

  1. Wow, that’s quite an achievement! I’m playing as much as time permits to try and edge towards the level cap on my main but I suspect I simply won’t have time to rush through the second half of Isenguard and then Rohan (my character is 69 now) even with the XP boost.

    LOTRO has always struck me as a game to be savoured, that’s a major plus for non-vets of course but it’s also a pain for trying to finally get capped as I really dislike rushing through quests…

  2. Thanks for the comments! I’ve never had 4 characters in one game at level cap before and it was only due to the unfortunate government shutdown. Turbine’s world building is definitely a plus for the game.

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