Back in business

I don’t think I’ve said much, if anything, about my life outside of gaming.  However, the past 3 weeks have had quite an impact on my family and me personally.   My wife and I are federal employees and we were part of the thousands of people suddenly out of work or furloughed.  Frankly, as soon as the shutdown occurred I became apathetic towards blogging, either writing or reading.  It seems all I could do was read/monitor the news and that was pretty depressing.   All those factors seemed to put me in a funk, I just wasn’t interested in reading or writing about MMOs.  However, after spending time cleaning the house everyday, I managed to find some downtime to play a couple of my MMOs, mainly LOTRO and some AOC.

Well, break open the champagne because today we go back at work and we couldn’t be happier about it,  we love our jobs!  Knowing that we had jobs to come  back to gave me “permission” to enjoy blogging again.  I think I’ll be back to my regular schedule of my usual dribble again about my adventures in MMO land.

4 thoughts on “Back in business

  1. Congrats on being able to head back to work! It was seriously ridiculous how they even let it get to that point, and how there was still lots of support for continuing the shutdown despite the people it was harming. But I’m glad sanity finally prevailed. Hopefully you’ll get some compensation for the lost time.

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