LOTRO: packing for Helms Deep Expansion

Continuing with my love/hate relationship with LOTRO, I find myself immersed yet again as my interests in other distractions are unusually absent….for now.  I purchased the premium pre-order version of the Helms Deep expansion and a 6 month sub.  You got me Turbine!  The items in the premium package were fine….I usually make no effort in game to obtain titles and cosmetic gear so those have little meaning to me.  Ok, on very rare occasions will I make the effort….I did for some Rift armour and the Ale Association title of “Creep” but really that’s all i can remember in the 4+yrs I’ve been playing LOTRO.  What made me get the permium edition: 2000 turbine points, +10 Quest log slots (tasks take up lots of quest log space), a Crystal of Remembrance, and the Shield of the Hammerhand: A back-slot item with the appearance of a Rohirric pack and shield. Stats scale to your level. +25% XP gain on Monster Kills, Crafting, Quest Completions. 25% Legendary item and Mounted Combat XP.  One point to make on the Shield of the Hammerhand is that the XP gains are only good until your character reaches level 85.  I like the look of this item, especially for melee characters.  I find it looks odd on lightly armored classes that are not able to equip a shield and in those cases I have it equipped but a different cosmetic outfit is displayed.

Shield of the Hammerhand

Shield of the Hammerhand

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Turbine couldn’t avoid making some communication faux pas and seemed surprised at customer concerns generated from that.  I won’t rehash that here but DocHoliday sums it up pretty much as I saw it and  you can read about at his site.

Getting back to what I’m doing to get ready for the expansion, I finished up getting my warden to lvl 85 so now I have 2 characters (Champion & Warden) at level cap.  I also have 2 alts (Rune Keeper and Lore Master) within 10 levels of cap.  I haven’t played those 2 alts much in the past year but I should be fine if I just stick to landscape quests.  You don’t need a “raid” level type of skill awareness when dealing with story/landscape mobs.  Overall, I’m more focused on getting my crafting levels maxed out and crafting guild reputation items ready for turn in when HD launches.  I’m all set on Weaponsmith, Metalsmith, Scholar, Tinker (Jewelry) and need some work on Tailor.  These crafting professions don’t make me completely self sufficient but damn close to it for my needs.  I have given up on cook and farmer.  It just seemed like way too much item inventory management for me and it stopped being anywhere near fun, and I love to cook!  And last but not least, I still do PVP, primarily on my Reaver.  I would like to make some more videos, a story driven one, one with 1v1s, and maybe one with raid vs raid.  All I know is I have this creative itch I’d like to scratch.  I did add a more professional type of video editing program to my arsenal to fill in gaps with Windows Live Movie Maker.  Now, I just need to find an extra 10 hours in the day to do all this stuff.

2 thoughts on “LOTRO: packing for Helms Deep Expansion

  1. Finally my Argentinian Bank has offered me a Credit Card, it’s complicated being an ‘extranjero’ here sometimes…so will hopefully soon be able to buy stuff online again…1st thing will be yeps you guessed it…LOTRO premium HD expansion…!

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