Reaver Madness!

oh yeahhhhh.  Before I dive into my Reaver madness, let me recap my MMO gaming time for the past week: LOTRO, FFXIV and WOW in that order.

In FFXIV, I hit level 27 on my Arcanist and decided to start leveling my mining and botanist gathering skills.  I’m also feeling a little burnout in this game.  All the issues with logging in sorta forced me to seek out other games to fill in that space.  I do plan on subbing to the game but I’m not an one mmo kinda guy anymore.

In WOW, my warrior hit level 75 in the Northrend area.  This is the ultimate casual mmo for me.  My schedule has been to get in a flurry of activity in about 1-2 play sessions per week.

In LOTRO I admit I’m having a lot of fun.  I’ve been playing my Reaver a lot and it helped that I had something to push for…..I made Rank 8 a few days ago (carrot).  This is the highest level I’ve achieved on any Creep character I play, given that I have tons of creeps between Ranks 4 and 7,  But the single most important factor in my “fun” is the pvp community.  I’m seeing many familiar names on creeps, people that I met in game years ago and share a similar mindset when it comes to LOTRO’s monster play.  It’s been great reconnecting with these guys and hunting freeps…we have our f*cktards on Riddermark but overall it’s as good as any LOTRO server community.  I would also like to delve a bit in making some pvp videos with Bandicam and windows live movie maker.  On my freep characters, I finally reached level cap on my Warden and now I’m just going thru the zone story lines for the story and getting some jewelry upgrades.  Once I hit 85, I was able to don a set of Hytbolt armour thanks to the account wide barter currency that my Champion earned in the previous months of play.

Now, on the technical side of monster play, the advent of the Audacity system has made very difficult to maintain viable creep alts.  Why?  Because you simply don’t earn enough Commendations (currency to purchase Audacity) to spend frilly nilly on alts when you can spend them all on 1 character and see instant results. I won’t go into great detail on what Audacity is other than explaining that it’s a passive skill that significantly reduces the damage you take from enemy players.

Is monster play fun all the time?  Of course not.  For every good evening of action, there’s probably 4-5 nights of so-so action with 1 horrid night in the mix.  I just don’t dwell on those times very much.  There’s plenty to do elsewhere in the game or outside of it for that matter.  Give monster play a try but don’t expect a balanced competitive environment every session.

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