When my favorite MMO doesn’t return my calls…

BAI get a little grouchy!  I like Final Fantasy XIV WHEN I could log in and my other mmo’s (Rift, WOW, SWTOR, LOTRO) taste like last weeks coffee.  I need something fresh, doesn’t have to be new, just different to fill in some time until I’m ready the mmo pavement again.

I finished Call of Juarez: Gunslinger last week and I picked up Battle Academy from Matrix Games a few days ago. I’ve had this itch to play some turn based conflict sims for a while now.  Battle Academy is an excellent “starter” game.  I got it to give me a taste of combat operations without force feeding me a 9 course meal (ie, massive theatre operational campaigns).  It’s a simple turn based strategy game based on WWII with a few scenarios that you unlock as you go. There’s not a lot to micro management besides movement and firing so I’ve found it easy to multitask while watching tv or cooking dinner…ie, you can walk away to deal with RL at anytime.

I’ve played through a short tutorial and several North African scenarios and haven’t managed to lose yet despite my sometimes abysmal troop placement and planning.  It does have a difficulty setting so you can ramp up/down the difficulty to your liking and Matrix has a number of DLC campaigns to make it interesting.  If you enjoyed Steel Panthers and Panzer General back in the 90s, this game may appeal to you.

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