Final Fantasy XIV beta 4 and impressions

It was another slow gaming week but I did manage to commence my adventures in Eorzea for real this past Friday with the beta 4 start.  There were some minor hiccups with getting to the NA servers but I managed to get in on my PC.  With a level cap of 20 and no wipe prior to the game launch (barring any major issues), I hoped to get as close to 20 as I could and learn a little more about the game.  So how did I do?


First off, I rolled an Arcanist.  Knowing very little about the class, I would describe them as a support class with pets.  I also joined the XIV Nation Free Company.  I’m a big fan of GamebreakerTV and I’m curious what Gary and Co. can do with a community of gamers.

I found the early quests very forgettable and maneuvering in and around the starter city of Limsa Lominsa took me some time.  Limsa Lominsa seems to have 3 different floors sitting on top of each other and I definitely got confused/lost a few times.  I’m still getting use to what the map and mini map are telling me as it relates to my quest journal.  While I’m not getting blown away by the quests, it’s fair to say that I stopped reading much of the text after a couple levels in.  As with most MMOs the quest storytelling did pick up when I took on the Arcanist class quests.  Also, my sound for the cut scenes seemed to go in/out.  All that said, I enjoyed the Arcanist and I’m finding it an interesting class to play.  I’m also getting used to the 2.5 second global CD….that has been the biggest change for me.  Class wise, I’m thinking I’ll pair it with Conjurer and Thaumaturge for better heals/dps.  Play wise, I only died 1 time and I took part in some FATEs and one dungeon run, Sastasha.  By the time of this post, I’m sitting at lvl 18 and logged off all comfy in a sanctuary to gain some rested XP and wait for launch.

Eorzea is a beautiful world, I don’t get tired looking at it.  My only complaint is that I don’t recall seeing any weathering in the buildings or landscape.  Everything is very pristine and like new.  I didn’t take part in any crafting or leveling any other classes/jobs.  I just didn’t have to time to do that AND level my Arcanist.  I am intrigued by the fact that I don’t need to roll any alts to try out different classes.  It does seem like a hard habit to break and I’ll probably roll some other classes, just to save some names if nothing else.

2 thoughts on “Final Fantasy XIV beta 4 and impressions

  1. Questions:
    1. Is the UI in that screenshot the default or do you have add-ons? I don’t know if I like the health being at the very bottom there.
    2. 2.5sec GCD? Omg. But you’re getting used to it? I guess they don’t want button mashing?
    3. Can I get in on this beta?

  2. 1.Its default. You can move everything around. The only changes I made were to some keybindings. What’s missing in that SC is how the UI looks when you are targeting a mob. There’s some additional elements that appear in the center (mob health, etc.)
    2. lol, yes I’m getting used to it…and there is no queing up a skill either.
    3. Beta’s are over, coming up next is head start for pre-orders and then launch, keep your eye on the usual sites for more info.

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