Torvan Master and waiting game

Waiting Game (album)

Waiting Game (album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I ponder my mmo future, I’m easing off the gas and coasting. According to Raptr, I gamed half the time I did the previous week, which confirms I’m slowing down. I predict that will repeat itself until the FFXIV launch at the end of August.

I did manage to play lots of Rift with the time I had and reached several Notoriety milestones with Eternal City Survivorers and Torvan Hunters, all glorified. I used my currency bank of 200k Planarite and 85K stones to barter for some needed essence upgrades.  That quickly used up all my Planarite while only using half my stones.   My tank build now has~ 400 hit/toughness and my dps/heal builds have 450+ hit so I’m in a good spot with my gear.

So, while I haven’t been gaming that much I have been reading lots and lots.  Reading books and comics (Ready Player One) and information on EQNext and FFXIV.  I love the goodreads widget as I’ve always struggled sticking to keeping a reading record.  On EQNext, I’ll keep one eye open for news but with launch so far away, it will be easy to “let it go” for now.  On FFXIV, I have not been able to make up my mind what class to play first.  I have only a cursory knowledge of the game and I’m hoping to learn more as I go. Lucky for me and all the other noobs out there, the FFXIV community is really thriving so I’m sure there will be no shortage of information as the game prepares for launch and after.

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