Eyes wide shut and internet experts

I’ll admit, I was excited by the EQNext reveal during the SOE Live weekend and it didn’t disappoint.  I think SOE is making the right moves for the next generation MMO.  I watched some of the live coverage on Twitch.tv and read some of the recap coverage in the blogosphere.  There’s plenty questions that need answered but for a reveal, it did its job masterfully.

Then I read some of the comments and forum posts on said subject.  What a mistake. Nothing but knee jerk doom and gloom and comparisons to other games.  If I had a penny for every time “fail” was mentioned….you get my point.  It was ridiculous.  I never knew there were so many unpaid experts out there….SOE should break down their doors to hire them!  Rolls eyes.

Here’s my dilemma, I want to keep up with the EQNext news and community but I don’t want to see/read the filth.  What to do?  Be on your guard, Yes.  Stick to writers and sites that I trust, better.

3 thoughts on “Eyes wide shut and internet experts

  1. Yeah, I was particular surprised by the clinginess of folks to the same holy trinity system that we’ve seen for the past 15 yrs or so and immediate assumption that any change would be identical to another game out now that they hate (of course).

  2. I must be reading different sources. I have seen a lot of guarded optimism out there, and it is guarded because, while SOE showed a lot of cool things, hard details were pretty scarce. We’ve all been burned on vague promises of a wonderful future before, so I think guarded optimism is the best overall result, looking at things realistically.

    Yes, there are people out there declaring fail. SynCaine has a reputation to uphold. (heh) And there is a pile of long standing SOE hate for various past sins. A nickel for every mention of the NGE and all that.

    But there are also people out there with genuine concerns. Reaction to the roles/classes thing seems to have caught SOE flat footed. There was a lot of “but I want to be a tank” comments from a community that has spent 14 years playing SOE games with hard and fast roles like that, and SOE should have guessed that might happened. According to Dave Georgeson, they are trying to come up with a better message on that front and that roles are not going away in a Guild Wars 2 sort of way. But until they can explain that, they can expect a lot of grumbles from their core player base.

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