Personal Dashboard

I don’t know if this format is gonna work out or not but this post is about what my personal gaming radar.  I also find it interesting just how much it’s changed from my  What I’m watching in 2013 posted in February.  Well, gamers are a fickle bunch.

  1. Trending Up 
    1. Final Fantasy 14: pre-ordered
    2. Rift: still enjoying my return
    3. Shadowrun Returns: new cyberpunk title
    4. EverQuest Next: waiting on SOE Live for news
  2. Holding Steady
    1. Elder Scrolls Online 
    2. Camelot Unchained
  3. Trending Down
    1. LOTRO: watched some Weatherstock livestreams is about all I’ve done the past month
    2. WOW: made it to lvl 75, canceled sub
    3. SWTOR: moved all my characters to same server but has yet to actually play 
    4. GW2: living story just not doing it for me so much

One thought on “Personal Dashboard

  1. My “trending” list would look the same, except I would have to move SWTOR up because I just started playing it again, and I have not look at FF14 yet. ESO looks like it will be great.

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