My Cleric builds in 2.3-rebooted

While Rift is still warm on my gaming plate, I might as well address what souls I’m using and why.  Upfront let me say that I’m no theorist or min/maxer or raider for that matter. Everything that I know on this post, I picked up from the forums or from fan sites.  These builds may not be the best in terms of what I claim they do or use them but I have fun playing them and for me, that’s what counts.  I’ve used 3 Shaman based builds, 1 Justicar build and 1 Sentinel build….these cover DPS, Tanking, and Healing.  Some are better solo builds, while others obviously lend themselves to groups.  Healing and DPS is easier to build together as they share the same stats, Tanking stats  are quite different so you should choose gear appropriately.

*to learn more about the build and how to use it effectively, click on the links.

Shaman DPS (Riftscene) – Pros: Excellent single target damage skills, high end DPS for all content; Cons: lacking effective defensive abilities.  Great for groups and watching BIG Numbers fly above mobs with this build. Uses standard 2 button Shaman macro for alternating physical damage skills and magical damage skills that reduce CD of Massive Blow. 

cleric shaman dps

Holy fire shaman (silentstorm) Pros/cons: less DPS than Shaman DPS build but with more effective defensive abilities.  Great for solo farming and not much, if any, downtime between pulls.  Standard 2 button Shaman macro.

clericholy fire shaman dps

Undying (mmo-troll) – Pros:Very good defensive abilities; Cons: lower end DPS.  I got the most mileage out of this build just after I returned to Rift and needed some time to learn how things worked again.  Nice safe build.

Justicar Tank (riftjunkies) Pros/Cons: can’t say much as I haven’t tanked any dungeons with this build.  I only sporadically tanked some Zone events but not much else.  Hey, sometimes I just wanna go mace and board and smash some faces.  DPS is really low so its painful to test it out on solo pve content but that is probably true of any tanking build.

Sentinel (riftjunkies) Pros/Cons: again, can’t say much as I haven’t healed dungeons since last November.  I’ve healed some zone events and strongholds.  You never know when healing is needed so it’s always nice to have a goto build.  It does seem like a solid raid heal spec. 

5 thoughts on “My Cleric builds in 2.3-rebooted

  1. Wow neat! I just started getting into RIFT again and it looks cool. I played it for 1 month at release then I went back to WoW, but I’m done with WoW now (it bores me to death). RIFT has some cool stuff and my wife likes to play it with me. Nice post.

    • Thanks for your comments. I posted this so I could have all my builds in one place for prosperity 😀 In Rift, you have lots of OPTIONS where and how to spend your gaming time. I do suggest you check out dimensions which is RIFTs housing system. It’s phenomenal! RIFT is a different game that it was at launch and I say that as a good thing. Enjoy your time in Telara.

  2. grrrr …. I read because I was hoping to find out what kind of gear to use for a holy fire shaman. Meaning, what stats should be on them. I can’t find any guides that tell me and noone in world seems to be able to answer me either. :/

  3. Aw, this was a really good post. Taking the time and actual effort to generate a good article…

    but what can I say… I put things off a whole lot and never manage to get nearly anything done.

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