Notoriety and Rift

In the past few weeks, I hit 2 big milestones in Rift with my Cleric.  I capped my notoriety with the Necropolis Caretakers faction and reached Honored level with the Empyreal Alliance faction. What does this mean? For starters, I can stop doing dailies in the Steppes of Infinity and I can now slot the +35 Primary Stat/+19 Endurance rune for my belt (thank you Necropolis Caretakers).   Honored with the Empyryeal Alliance allows me to slot a lvl 60 Trinket to replace my old lvl 40 one.  Playing casually, it’s definitely a climb to reach these levels, even with the patron boost.  I still have Torvan hunters and several other factions to grind out… if i want too.  Rift certainly has it’s fair share of endgame factions and reputation grinds that gate BIS accessories.  Now these grinds are really only a requirement if you want to get into Raiding.  Myself, I have no desire to do so but I still want a carrot to chase, and a faction grind is just ONE carrot on my list.  In fact, just thinking about this I suddenly feel a bit tired and I foresee some diversions in the near future.  Summer fest is just around the corner, yahoo! 

If you’re reading this and want to know more about notoriety and factions at the endgame, I suggest you seek out the forums, reddit, and other fan sites such as Rift guru.


One thought on “Notoriety and Rift

  1. I tried to grind up the notoriety of the Icewatch faction, but I gave up. I would really like to get the notoriety mount there without having to grind. Unfortunately, I’m too high to get exp in that area (40+), otherwise I would just do all quests until my notoriety is at ‘glorified’. I wish there would be a PVP version of it.

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