Neverwinter Nights- part 1

Going old school here with Neverwinter Nights.

I played this back when it initially came out, rolling a Druid.  I can’t recall the outcome but I must have gotten kinda far into the game.  I picked it up  with the recent sale and wanted to give it a go.  This time around I rolled a dwarven Fighter to be a little bit different kind of hero.  I would love to try a caster role but I’m somewhat lost with the controls and how to manage multiple mobs with CC so I thought as a first run through I should go with a melee class.

Right away, I hit the prelude/tutorial and I feel somewhat out of place with the gameplay controls.  This is really old school stuff here.  Luckily for me, a fighter is pretty darn easy right now with just needing to click attack on the mobs.  I won’t say much about the graphics as this is game is aged and you just have to get passed the obviously dated look.

The setting is of course Neverwinter, which has been beset by a plague.  I’m in this all purpose “fantasy” high school that just happens to have 5 magical creatures that are the key to curing the plague.  Naturally, the school gets attacked, the creatures escape and me, your hero, must find them and save the city.

I find a henchman/side kick half orc with a good alignment and a huge 2 sided axe.   I picked him because he breaks the typical Orc bad guy casting and of course he packs a punch with the axe.

First stop is the Prison area.  I eventually find my way there.  You really need to read the quests to figure out where you need to go, not much hand holding going on.  We blast through mobs without much issue, point click and mobs are demolished.  Not much in the way of strategy or skill selection, hack’n’slash is getting it done very well. I do imagine squishier support classes will have it harder making it through here. We nab a key off one of the mobs and gain entrance to the prison.  We eventually make our way to the head jailer and take him down…eventually.  He wasn’t quite the pushover his underlings were.  We then meet up with a parasitic type creature that moves from host to host before we eventually kill it and brings it’s brains back to Lady Aribeth, our employer.  Level 4!

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