Moving targets

Dendrome town hall meeting

Dendrome town hall meeting

Apologies to all the other game companies out there, I only have eyes for Rift right now. This is gonna be short because I’m having lots of fun in game right now, aiming for multiple moving targets that are keeping me logging in every day.  Looking at my twitter feed, I made a mess of achievements since my last post on Rift.  If I counted correctly, I came up with 35!  That’s roughly 5 a day for a week!  Yeah, I’m not gonna keep that up so I’ll enjoy that for a minute.  I’m shooting for reaching the halfway achievement point ranking in each zone.  I still have had zero luck finding any rare mobs and I’m not one to camp a site waiting for one to spawn, chalk up this to ridiculous and for me, never gonna make it. On notoriety, I’m working on the Iron Pikes Peak faction.  I’m maxed out on the Guardian factions below that level.  Yesterday I maxed out my Butchering and Mining so now I have Armoring, Outfitting, Artificing and fishing/survival to level up.  I need to take a look at the available recipes dimensions, I’d like to make some items for the guild.  Speaking of guild, we pretty active, always at least 5 people on and guild chat is always hopping with something.  Another goal for the week is take my guild mates out on some dungeon runs.

Volan, my idol.

Volan, my idol.

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