Where’s my cheese!

It was a big week in gaming for me..big as in I found lots of time to game between GW2, WOW, and Rift…but not all was rosy.  So lets get right to it.

Divinity's Reach from Queensdale

Divinity’s Reach from Queensdale

I spent the most time in GW2.  For those that say it’s a boring game, never anything to do, well, I certainly didn’t find that the case this past week.  The Dragon Bash kept me going and going and going.  However, not all ended well.  I was prompted to return to Lion’s Arch to participate in the Dragon effigy burning ceremony instance.  I went ahead and started it and through some mishap of my own, I ended up inadvertently leaving the instance before it was complete and that’s where my troubles began.  See, that bugged the rest of my dragon bash story line and basically froze my advancement at that point.  I bugged it and my ticket is closed…but in my view, not resolved.  I can get some solace in that I’m not alone in my angst as noted in the official forums here.  While my story progress was halted, I still managed to get the meta festival achievement and those “shatter” holographic wings.  I also managed to get some guild event time with my guild as we explored one of the lower level Asura zones.


In WOW, I hit lvl 71 and I’m still in the Outlands.  My goal is to make it back to Azeroth but I’m almost rethinking this.  Maybe a case of burn out, I don’t know, but I keep asking myself what am I doing here and why and is this fun.  I feel very disconnected to any story going on right now and that’s a major problem.  I’ll give it some more time and figure out a way out of the Outlands.

In Rift, I spent some time shopping and getting to know the game again.  I did have some expert level dungeon gear and I bought some more from the store.  I had sooooo much rex to spend there it was awesome.  My 60 Cleric is nicely decked out and dungeon ready, if and when I take that route.  My gameplay has been about getting comfortable so I stuck with story quests and 2 souls, a shaman soul and a druid soul.  Both are excellent solo DPS classes that are hard to fail on which I need right now.  I’ve enjoyed the story so far, nice bits of whimsy and all, I mean it is a high fantasy story so why not have some talking rabbits.  My plan is to finish the story quest in the new area, then start working on achievements, etc and maybe doing some dungeon runs, probably as a healer.  Right now, I can see me spending a lot of time here.  I’ll leave you with some Rift screenies

2013-06-21_151838 2013-06-22_065102 2013-06-23_210240 2013-06-23_210241 2013-06-23_210243 2013-06-23_214344 2013-06-23_222923

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