Dragon Bashing part deux

110 Dragon Bash Achievements pts so far.  I have definitely spent more time in GW2 the past week than I can remember.  I smashed plenty of dragon pinatas, won 20+ dragon ball games, and opened hundreds of dragon coffers… got lucky RNG drop of a holographic knight mini x2 from all those dragon coffers, otherwise nothing rare or wanted of note dropped.  No holographic dragon wings, RNG be damned.

So, I did what any self respecting gamer would do and I bought those holographic dragon wings I was salivating over for about 20 gold on the TP…and yeah, it felt totally worth it when running around on my Norn Mesmer with those wings flapping in the air.  Totally makes her look like a badass giant fairy.  gw118

Thoughts on the festival so far:  I’m enjoying it, it has been fun for what its worth.  The events are fun.  I didn’t have to compete with other players for penatas or the holographic nodes out in the world, that’s a plus but I think maybe too much of the festival was centered in Lions Arch.  Not having a jumping puzzle that blows you away like the previous festivals hurt this one.   I don’t like the RNGs…little to no guaranteed loot meant pure luck involved gaining anything of value….it doesn’t feel like I have to work for something when I’m at the mercy of the RNG.  For most of the achievements, you didn’t receive anything from them except achievement points.  It would have been nice to see more rewards for the time invested on completing those achievements.  Now, the reward for the Meta Achievement is spot on but otherwise, everything seems rather weak.  Oh, and 50 silver per MOA races seems like just a method to circulate money out of the game, I mean who do they think they are kidding.  I bartered all my tickets to recoup my losses, spending 25-40 gold for a mini pet was just too excessive.

addendum: so as of today, we now have dragon effigies located throughout the 1-30 lvl world.  I’ve also noticed a marked increase in the number of holographic nodes…the nodes that you activate and kill the holographic mobs that spawn for dragon coffers and Zhaitan candy.  Anyway, this is good news for people that want to farm these things and probably bad news for anyone hoping to make some big bucks off rare drops as they won’t be so rare anymore.

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