Show and Tell: Hours played GW2

I’ve been enjoying a bit of a renaissance in GW2, thanks to the Dragon Bash festival.  After reading Elisabeth’s post on numbers at, I felt inspired to do my own similar analysis.

As of 6/13/2013, here’s my GW2 characters, sorted in the order I rolled them.

Couillon, Human Warrior has 259 hours played and is level 80
-Started at launch, completed personal story and hit level cap with this guy first.  Generally, found Warriors super easy to play and mow down mobs.

Chere Mignonne, Norn Mesmer has 398 hours played and is level 80
-Decided I needed a more “magical” fantasy character so rolled with this and completed personal story, 100% map completion, etc.  I find Mesmers to be a challenge to master but when it clicks, it’s awesome.

Maudit Beausoleil, Human Thief has 19 hours played and is lvl 21
-wanted to give thief a try and decided 21 levels was enough for me to not wanna play this guy anymore.  I just didn’t have the resource generation/consumption down to really enjoy this class, it’s not broken, it’s me, all me.

Value Judgement, Human Guardian has 43 hours played and is level 45
-different kind of warrior, just ran out of gas and a victim of wanting a more “magic user” type character.  I like playing this class, I just had poor timing when I decided to roll one.  I had leveled a Guardian during the betas so didn’t wanna repeat that experience once the game launched and now, well, it’s harder to repeat the leveling experience with so many games and so little time.

Who Dat Nation, Human Necromancer has 10 hours played and is level 19
-2nd attempt at necro, just seems like a slow starter.

Bambocheur, Human Ranger has 5 hours played and is level
-wanted to try the “stand in the back and kill stuff from far away” type.  I also like the idea of a pet classes, thought i’m not always ready to level one.

Cher Parraine, Norn Engineer has 1 hour played and is level 3
-attempt to recreate a LOTRO style White Hand Uruk 

Adding these numbers up equals roughly 735 hours.  However, my total ‘ingame’ time equals about 777 hours.  That means I’ve invested about 42 hours in pixels that don’t exist anymore or perhaps I should say in characters that I ended up deleting   Kinda makes me feel like when those 3 day weekends just fly by and wondering where all that time went. For what it’s worth my Raptr time is at roughly 905 hours…now that really makes me wonder where has all the time gone and yes, I know Raptr seems to count time spent at the character selection screen as ‘game time’.    

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