Dragon bashing

A few days of flying across Outland in WOW found me at lvl 68 and it was time to put WOW in the corner. With about 2 zones left to go, GW2 went and dropped their Dragon Bash festival.  Guides can be located here and here.

It’s been nutting but festival achievement hunting for me.  The proverbial carrot on a stick are these Holographic Dragon wings.  I must, must, have these for Chere Mignonne, my female Norn Mesmer.  Obtaining these of course is where the fun begins.  According to my sources, I need 100k Zhaitaffy candy, yeah right….barring that, they are a rare drop off Dragon Coffers.  So, not looking good for those wings.  Bless Arena net for they must know my pain, they have a slightly different version of these called Holographic Shattered Dragon Wings that can be obtained from completing the festival meta event achievement, of which i’m 7 of 10 done.

Goodies so far?  I got a mail that had these: 3 Horns of the Dragon dragon helmets.  Now these appear to be cosmetic (no stats) but you can transmutation them so that they have real armor stats and wear into battle.  Charge suckas!



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