Lagniappe of GW2 builds

Lagniappe is a Cajun French term to mean “a little something extra”….like bakers dozen…and here, my most used GW2 builds.

As someone who likes to mix up games, I should refrain from switching builds up very often but that’s not always possible.  I try to keep things simple so I don’t bog myself down in min/max efforts but I do feel the need to juggle a few different specs to keep things fresh.  These builds may be out of date or even have errors and that’s ok…I use these as a starting guide and make small adjustments here and there.

80 Warrior

A) Berzerker build (dual welding axes and axe/mace)-main build. Replace axe/mace with bow for more ranged pve AOE dmg, especially for zergy Karma farming.

gw081 gw082








80 Mesmer

A)  Shatter for burst dps  (staff & sword/pistol)-courtesy of Osicat









B)  Group Support + Condition dmg (staff & septer/focus)









C)  Confusion build (staff & septer/torch) – Courtesy to GuildWars2hub for this build

Start with the Scepter/Torch before then swapping to the staff.

  • Phantasmal Mage
  • Confusing Images
  • Feedback
  • Mirror Images
  • Cry of Frustration
  • Change to Staff
  • Null Field
  • Chaos Storm
  • Phase Retreat
  • Phantasmal Warlock
  • Dodge
  • Mind Wrack
  • Change back to Scepter when off cooldown
  • Confusing Images

gw085 gw084

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