Dueling MMOs of the week: WoW and GW2

With LOTRO in my rear view mirror, the past week has been filled with WoW and GW2.

In WoW, my human Warrior hit 65 and is moving his way through Outland.  I’m through the starter area of Hellfire, past the Zswamp, and now in this forest zone.  It’s looking good now, I almost tanked this game in hellfire, i did not like that zone.  Lore wise, I’m a little lost so I’ve finally broken down and started reading some WoW head articles.  My goals are pretty basic, explore and complete zones and get some story…hard to fail with that bar, but it’s possible.   My sessions have usually been around 30 mins and it’s been satisfying, even wanting for more.  I begin to understand the power of WoW, muhahhahah.

In GW2, I love the game but I have struggled with burnout, at 800+hrs in the game.  With that in mind, I transferred off Henge of Denravi and moved back to my original server, Sanctum of Rall.  I also put my guild membership on hiatus, nothing against those guys I just needed to start fresh again somewhere else.  I represented with a different guild, one of the largest guilds in GW2 and one that I’m a member of in its Rift faction.  The gem cost of transferring hurt a bit but I felt that I needed a different experience, both server and guild, to get me back in this game.  Of course, the advantages of a large, organized Guild helps me meet gameplay objectives for my 2 mains: 80 Mesmer and 80 Warrior.

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